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  • Lego Technic adds a 1,677-piece Ferrari 488 GTE kit to its portfolio

    Lego Technic adds a 1,677-piece Ferrari 488 GTE kit to its portfolio

    If you're not eligible to purchase one of Ferrari's 488 GT Modificata, the folks at Lego have a consolation prize. The Danish firm will soon add a replica of AF Corse's successful Ferrari 488 GTE Evo race car to its catalog. Lego chose this specific 488 GTE Evo, which wears number 51, because it has racked up an impressive number of victories.

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    EXPLAINER-How close is Iran to producing a nuclear bomb?

    A 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and world powers is being eroded and efforts to revive the pact face a new challenge with the killing of Tehran's top nuclear scientist. The accord's restrictions on Iran's atomic work had one objective: to extend the "breakout time" for Tehran to produce enough fissile material for a bomb, if it decided to make one, to at least a year from about two to three months. Iran maintains that it has never sought nuclear weapons and never would.

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    UK police arrest 60 in anti-lockdown protests

    Riot police clashed with anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine protesters in central London on Saturday. Police said that they had made over 60 arrests and expected that figure to rise as they tried to break up the demonstrations Officers said that the arrests had been made for different offences including breaching coronavirus restrictions. Police lined up in a number of streets in central London's West End shopping district. Anti-lockdown protesters were joined by groups who oppose the COVID-19 vaccine, and they marched through the city. vox: "We are sick and tired of living in fear and being manipulated." "They thought they could easily get their Great Reset. Little did they know! The pandemic's a hoax!" "Look into the governments. Look at the globalist agenda." One police officer estimated the protesters numbered between 300 and 400. England's current national lockdown ends on Dec. 2.