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    Asian shares rise as China cuts key mortgage rate

    Asian share markets broke a five-day slide to edge higher on Thursday, shrugging off drops in Europe and on Wall Street overnight as China underscored its diverging monetary and economic picture by cutting benchmark mortgage rates. Despite the steadier start in Asia, analysts at ING said geo-political risks, notably the possibility of Russia invading Ukraine, could continue to weigh on global shares, adding to existing pressure from the rising rates outlook. "Markets may soon start to take into account a greater risk of a conflict flare-up between Russia and Ukraine, which is one reason why stocks may continue to sell and why Treasury yields aren't on a one-way ticket higher."

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    Bloomberg CEO says regulators haven’t reached out after hack has not received any “outreach” from regulators following a cybersecurity breach earlier this week of about 400 customer accounts, according to CEO Kris Marszalek.

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    Multichain Hack Worsens as Loss of Funds Reaches $3M: Report

    Hackers have continued to exploit a vulnerability in the cross-chain bridge Multichain about three days after the weakness surfaced, and have stolen about $3 million in cryptocurrency, according to a report by the online publication Vice. A number of Multichain users have said on social media platforms, including the company's Telegram channel, that Multichain is not providing them with clear information on the ongoing problems or enough support. The saga started earlier this week when Multichain instructed its users to remove approvals for six tokens, warning that otherwise their assets would be exposed to a security vulnerability.