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    very large
    I would like someone to explain to me how I am going to make a living. I sell cars at a ford lot. Have for 27 years. My dealership averages 125 new sales a month. We have ten salesman. Currently I have 30 cars left on the lot, and no shipments scheduled this month. I know Farley will make his payments on his mansion this summer, and the auto workers are promised 85% pay to sit at the house, but how do us dealership employees pay our bills? And how does this stock not free fall into oblivion, with no sales, and the company paying workers to stay home?
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    In the next 6 weeks we should see the full size Bronco launch, Maverick reveal and F150 EV reveal (rumored to use the F150 Lightning name). With Ford it’s not what ‘maybe’ coming out in 2 to 3 YEARS (hopes, dreams, hype, promises) but what is happening TODAY.
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    Mike Vaccaro
    Ford free cash flow is about $23B
    GM is about -$6B (negative)

    I like both stocks right now but man Ford is so undervalued in all aspects
  • R
    GM up a $1.16 this morning and Ford up $0.01. Both build automobiles and both have the same chip problem! I guess it’s just how management handles the problem. Ford PLEASE get a new person or Department handling the News Information Press Releases! There must be something positive happening at Ford. LOL
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    El Crapo
    FORD will bust the $12 mark soon as the hedge funds are shaking out the week. Daytraders are doing the usual penny ante stuff and the short sellers will get caught a squeeze. This will do a slow climb.
  • T
    If GM's CEO is wrong on her guidance just to pump the stock,look out for a crash down the road....

    Ford's CEO was honest too shareholders and if he is wrong thats a perfect storm too beam me up scotty....Ford will be higher than a Georgis pine
  • Y
    April Sales? Ford sold almost 200K vehicles last month (more than Tesla sells in 1 quarter). Keep in mind this is month 1 of 3 'bad' months in the 2nd quarter due to chip shortages. Retail sales were up 57% over last year (but Yasu it was a pandemic year last year) AND up 24% over 2019 (oh?!)! And unlike Tesla sales, these were all HIGH PROFIT sales.

    Commercial sales (including Transit) : UP 127% YOY
    F-series : UP 14% YOY (how can the #1 selling vehicle go up EVERY month??)
    All new Bronco Sport : UP 42% over last month (no YOY here obviously, for some!)
    Explorer: UP 110% !!!!!!
    Mach e: 8500 units sold (just getting started here)
    Mustang: UP 50% (looks like ICE is alive and well!)
    Lincoln Aviator: UP 200%

    If you know the vehicles lines - you'll know these are all the HIGH PROFIT, HIGH MARGIN vehicles. Can you imagine when the CHIP shortage is behind us?
  • L
    Here is the deal; Elon and his Big Mommy Cathi Woods,
    structure a Joint Venture with Ford family whereby
    common stock holders get $25 per share for their stock,
    and TSLA, will now have earnings. TSLA, would be smart
    to exchange some of their very over valued stock for a real
    auto company. The Pugatach valuation method suggests a real
    value of TSLA of $135 dollars per share, so common shareholders
    have no strong risk.
  • B
    When you see the media pumping out more stories than usual portraying a company in the worst possible light, you can be sure the big boys are loading up.
  • g
    Is it just me or do GM & Fords 6 month charts look identical?
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    Ford moving toward the future, Tesla stuck with yesterday's Lithium battery tech (similar to Tesla stuck with camera based autonomy as the industry leaders use camera PLUS Lidar) :

    Ford today announced an additional equity investment in Solid Power for further development of solid-state vehicle battery technology, aiming to deliver longer range, lower cost and safer electric vehicles for customers
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    The chip crisis maybe over blown and I wouldn't be a short
  • M
    In my opinion, there's an interesting "trend" on the financial information you see when you view Ford (F) on Yahoo Finance and scroll down to the section titled "Recommendation Trends" by analysts:

    1. During the last several months, there has been an increasing trend in the number of analysts who make predictions about Ford. That number of analysts has increased from 19 in February to 24 in May. Even if that may not seem to be that important or conclusive, it indicates to me an increase in interest in Ford developments and news as well as in the "hot" automative sector in general.

    2. In May, of the 24 financial analysts, 4 indicated a "Buy", and 18 a "Hold". Only 2 described Ford stock as "Underperform". What's interesting to me is that whenvever you have that many analysts making predictions, at least one or two indicate "Sell"... but, not in this case. To me, that's VERY interesting.

    3. Scroll down a bit to see the section "Analyst Price Targets". As of this writing, F is at $11.82 with 19 analyst predictions about the future expected stock price. The combined/weighted/averaged "consensus target" is listed as $12.99, an upside of $1.17 or about an expected increase in value of about 10%. Not bad.

    Yes, I know that this may seem trivial. But, at least my conclusion is "data-driven".

    If you are LONG on Ford, you should be feeling quite comfortable right now. When good news comes out, and I believe that will happen in the coming weeks or months, Ford will naturally take off with built-up cyclical demand by many eager customers of innovative American vehicles.

    LONG on Ford.
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    While GM is busy creating ads with Will Ferrell about dreaming about going to Norway, Ford is already there. Today first shipment of Ford Mach-Es arrived in Norway, almost the first 1000 of them. 3 more shipments coming in the next 2 weeks. Thats just 4k mach-e deliveries in month of May, and just in Norway. Think about it. This Q2 earnings are going to go blow through the roof. I am gonna buy the dips and enjoy the ride. GLTA
    Ford begins to do battle in Norway as the first fleet of the Mustang Mach-E arrives in Norway after more than a year of anticipation.
    Ford begins to do battle in Norway as the first fleet of the Mustang Mach-E arrives in Norway after more than a year of anticipation.
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    E-Transit registration site open today, order bank opens in July. While others unveil their 1-off 'coming in 2, 3, 4' year HYPE concept model BEVs, Ford is building theirs TODAY. Mach e, E-Transit, soon the E-F150 (rumored to be named the Lightning), many more to come.
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    Notice the difference between a well-run company and a #$%$ company like FORD. GM makes an announcement of stellar profits, keeps guidance the stock price is up over 3% not down 10% like FORD.
  • g
    The stock is inching upwards.. not by a lot but still up.. I disagree with the people who think the stock is going back to eight or nine dollars.. we know it's not going to take off to the Moon.. but at the same time it's not going backwards either.. Patience my friends.. Patience
  • S
    To the rotting New and his losing portfolio. GM is pumped full of sunshine and if you were smart you would minimize your exposure to it if you want real return on a growth opportunity like Ford. The sheep do as you do and follow the carrot.
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    Not only did Ford blow away the Q1 EPS estimate of $0.21/share with a result of $0.89/share, but they even blew away the street high estimate. P/E is now at 11.61

    Take a look at the quarterly EPS chart at the lower right. You'll notice that Ford now has 4 consecutive EPS beats. Management has been very conservative with guidance this past year. It's called UPOD. Under Promise and Over Deliver.
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    Here is some good news from Reuters (by Ben Klayman, Monday, May 3, 2021, 8:08 AM) in an article titled "Exclusive: Ford, BMW lead $130 million investing round in solid-state battery startup" ( This is an excerpt:

    "Ford Motor Co and BMW AG are leading a $130 million funding round in a solid-state battery startup, Solid Power, as carmakers push to lower the cost of electric vehicles by investing in the development of affordable but powerful rechargeable batteries, the companies said on Monday."

    This is exactly the right path for Ford. Solid state batteries will unlock limitations of driving range and the time it takes to recharge an EV. Very exciting!