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Cenovus Energy Inc. (CVE)

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    CEO said that they may reach the $10 billion debt target even before the expectation.
  • S
    10 Cents EPS which is Meeting and over consensus expectation of 7 cents and Best has still to come.
  • h
    Don't forget the supply will be much more if the restrictions had lift . This is the reason reason the stock prices drop .
  • K
    I'm going to get in the shareholders meeting. I have some points to make. Main one is don't increase dividend, yes, don't, then use the money saved (which is billions, dividends aren't cheap) and do share buybacks to offset COP sell-offs, invest/acquire smaller green energy companies (yes, green energy) and branch off into green energy ONTOP of oil while paying debt off. All the oil companies want dividend increases for investors, short term thinking. If we invest into some green energy companies I can guarantee you the government will give credits for offsetting carbon emissions and give a more positive outlook on Alberta oil.
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    Better news than what we were expecting. I suspect the stock will rise today.
    If the news hadn't been what we were expecting to the downside it would drop like a rock.
    They are doing the right thing. Good news all around. When the synergies take effect it will be a much better bottom line too. The merger was a great thing.
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    whoever is doubting the machinery that CVE possess now...has Not done their research....this is a BIG money printer from here onwards!!! not even pipelines can stop this momentum with the vertical integration and brent exposure
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    CVE to rid itself of over $3.5 Billion debt over next 8 months....Rise of oil Cash machine!!!!
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    Hi-ho, Kermit here! Market strategists are bracing for the biggest jump in oil demand ever after drivers returned to the roads en masse.

    Goldman Sachs has predicted a 14pc jump in commodity prices over the next six months, pushing a broad measure of metals and oil up to its highest level in more than six years.
  • y
    CVE is trading at 10% FCF yield right now. It is reasonably priced at 9.5 to 10 CAD. When the savings from synergy will take full effect, 13-14$ CAD will be the fair value in 2022. Fair value might become 15$ if net debt reduced to 9-10 B . 50% upside from here. Good luck
  • j
    CVE Q1 report: The market reaction today is negative to neutral. Trading volume is light, suggesting Q1 report was not a great result, although oil is down slightly at this time.
    Maybe next week or next quarter ?
  • A
    Short 35000 shares here we goooo ! easy money to collect by eod
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    John LauraP
    So COP announces that they will finally start selling it's 10% stake in CVE now and complete over next 19 months, that's 0.5% of CVE a month, a reasonable timeline by COP, thus CVE's 4.5% dump this morning is unwarranted, I'm hurting but added to my CVE holdings this morning.
  • J
    Everyone please think, It was cheapest oil price this January.
    Nevertheless that earnings.
    Don't you think it was good?
  • K
    It's time to announce buybacks at the next meeting to counter the COP sell-off. Very manageable for Cenovus to do in the current market conditions. Don't panic everyone.
  • L
    Not address buyback and dividend?
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    This is $15 stock by year end.
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    Expecting CVE to report healthy earnings with the price of oil being consistently above $60.00 and the US economy opening up with increase in demand. May 7, 2021 should be a good day for CVE's shareholders.
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    Jayde Jk
    Hello everyone, I have not posted on this board before, because Cenovus is my newest addition to my energy portfolio. Two weeks or so ago, I started with a smaller position, and have been adding on dips ever since. The price is currently 10 cents below my average, but I'm not worried, any further short-term drops will be an opportunity to buy more for me, there is still room to add, but when CVE rebounds ... you can only imagine how high it will go... IMO currently the price is undervalued. I like this board because I see a lot of positivity and I join you in supporting Cenovus.
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    Earnings on Friday are before market. Lots lots lots of positives. This can hit 11$ and possible 13 by end of week