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Tesla Employees "Walking on Eggshells" as Furious Musk Continues Layoffs

Around and Around

Amid recurring rounds of layoffs, Tesla workers are now dreading their own terminations — exacerbated by the company not saying when the cuts are going to end.

Insider sources tell Bloomberg that the rolling layoffs, which are part of CEO Elon Musk's plans to cut upwards of 10 percent of staff to save money, will likely continue until at least June.

For those who've already borne the brunt of the reductions, the horror doesn't yet seem to be over.

"It's difficult to imagine the feeling of walking on eggshells every day at work, uncertain whether or not you'll be able to pay your bills or feed your family," former Tesla sales rep Michael Minick wrote in a LinkedIn post. "For those of us who were part of the first wave of layoffs, it was almost like waking up to a bandaid being ripped off."


Laid off in April, Minick expressed solidarity with those still at the company as they await their fates.

"Is it too much to ask for a company to hold some accountability and put an end to the uncertainty?" he continued. "It would be a relief to know that they can breathe and focus on their work, without the gray cloud of uncertainty looming over. People deserve clarity if an end to the layoffs will have a stop date."

Cut It Up

At this point, it's unclear just how many rounds of layoffs Tesla has done since it began job-slashing in April and announced its 10 percent global workforce cut. By our count, there have been at least four, but as news of them hit our feeds, it's unclear which round we're even talking about anymore. What proportion of its workforce has been affected is hazy at this point.

Hanging over these cuts are Tesla's massive sales woes as it struggles to recapture the already-depressed electric vehicle market, which it once dominated. As Reuters reports, the company's latest forte in its crisis control mode is offering discounts to European car rental companies in hopes of making at least some sales.

With shares down, as Bloomberg notes, by 29 percent this year, things are looking very bad for Tesla — and as usual, the workers who built the company are bearing the brunt of its problems.

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