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Denyo Unveils Innovative Fuel Cell Portable Generator, A Leap Towards Sustainable Power in Singapore

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 4 December 2023 - In the bustling landscape of Singapore, innovation is not a choice; it's a necessity. As the city-state charts its course towards achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, one innovation that's making waves is Denyo's fuel cell portable generator. This initiative transforms industries and perfectly aligns with Singapore's vision for a sustainable and resilient future. Fuelled by hydrogen, this power generator eliminates carbon emissions that are a hallmark of traditional equipment used in the emission-heavy sector.

Denyo Fuel Cell Portable Generator
Denyo Fuel Cell Portable Generator

Powering Singapore's Sustainable Vision with Green Energy Source

In the heart of Singapore's sustainability transformation, Denyo's fuel cell portable generator can support the country's pursuit to catalyse business transformation towards a lower-carbon energy system. The versatility of the fuel cell generator makes it ideal for renewable hydrogen use, an alternative to traditional gasoline or diesel-powered options, by offering a clean, efficient, and highly portable energy source.

From powering worksites and outdoor festivals to aiding in emergency responses, this hydrogen-powered unit ensures a greener footprint to align seamlessly with Singapore's vision of a sustainable future. In addition, the country's international collaborations with economies like Japan for low-emission technologies underscore the worldwide relevance of fuel cell solutions, which find synergy with Denyo's commitment to environmental sustainability on a global scale.

The Science Behind Denyo's Fuel Cell Portable Generator

Denyo's breakthrough in portable power comes in the form of its fuel cell portable generator, akin to traditional engine-based generators in terms of portability and utility. This innovation enables power supply in diverse locations, including civil engineering and construction sites, households experiencing power outages post-disaster, reporting venues for TV journalists, and various event sites. The core technology powering this generator is the exact fuel cell system used in Toyota Industries Corporation's forklifts. Intriguingly, this system derives its technology from the first-generation MIRAI fuel cell vehicle (FCV) developed by Toyota Motor Corporation.

In a significant technological advancement, Denyo has engineered a bespoke power conditioner specifically for fuel cells. This critical component is installed in the generators to efficiently convert the DC power produced by the fuel cells into AC power, suitable for a wide range of applications. This innovative approach not only ensures versatility in power supply but also reinforces Denyo's commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly power solutions.

Exclusive Preview at the Denyo Open House

The Denyo Open House event on December 8 presents the first-ever concept machine of the fuel cell portable generator to selected Denyo customers and international dealers. A product showcase for the public will be available every Thursday for a span of five weeks post-event. This showcase provides an opportunity for companies to be at the forefront of environmental sustainability and embrace greener solutions.

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About Denyo United Machinery

Denyo United Machinery, established in 1981, is Denyo's regional centre for the Asia Pacific, providing a central platform to fulfil demands for Denyo generators and related equipment across the region, connecting and bridging users and dealers with new growth opportunities.

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