CommonWealth Parenting Combines Education with the Metaverse during the 2022 International Conference on Education Innovation

TAIPEI, TAIWAN - Media OutReach - 14 November 2022 - Taiwan's seminal education-related extravaganza, the "International Conference on Education Innovation" hosted by CommonWealth Education Media and Publishing (CommonWealth Parenting), recently concluded its eleventh iteration. The central theme of 2022 was "Better". Over 30 educational leaders from Taiwan, Japan, and the United States shared their views with nearly 1,000 participating parents and education workers during the live event.

Silicon Valley-based entrepreneur Jackie Lee and metaverse expert Ju-Chun Ko discuss the potential link between the metaverse and education.

As interest in the "metaverse" engulfs the globe, the possibilities of integrating education with high tech have become a subject of widespread attention. In light of this, the Conference in 2022 featured the "Edtech Metaverse" demonstration area, in which a futuristic classroom helped visitors experience how technology may enhance learning with the application of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR), and other inventions. Companies that participated in this year's conference represented some of the leaders of edtech in Taiwan. Their exhibitions and presentations showed that the future of learning will not be limited to the real world, and that the infusion of technology can turn the ideal of "personalized learning" into reality.

The concurrently held seminar focused on the future of teaching and the nurturing of talent. In regard to teaching, Silicon Valley-based tech company ScienceVR founder Jackie Lee and metaverse expert Ju-Chun Ko delved into how the metaverse can unleash the potential of learning. In terms of nurturing talent, former Google Taiwan Managing Director Lee-Feng Chien shared the opinion that in the past, Taiwan produced talent that was good at solving problems; but in the future, the focus should be to nurture talented individuals who know how to ask the right questions. Hocheng Hong, the former president of National Tsing Hua University, stated that many future occupations have yet to be invented. Therefore, parents should not rush to give guidance or make predictions; instead, they should believe in their children's potential and trust that every child will find a suitable calling.

CommonWealth Parenting's International Conference on Education Innovation will continue to leverage the power of the media to construct innovative educational platforms that will expedite the realization of better education through in-depth dialogue and exchanges.