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Sen. Sinema stands out at State of the Union in yellow dress

Yahoo Finance Live anchors discuss Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s (I-AZ) dress at Tuesday night’s State of the Union address sparking a viral moment.

Video transcript


BRIAN SOZZI: All right. President Biden touched on several key issues during his State of the Union address, but viewers had their eyes on something else-- Senator Kyrsten Sinema's bright yellow dress, which you can see on there in the screen. This, of course, taking Twitter by storm. Wow.


JULIE HYMAN: It's a cool dress.


JULIE HYMAN: But people thought that she was desperate for attention. I mean, I think Marjorie Taylor Greene screaming out several times during the State of the Union was-- I mean, they're politicians. Of course they're desperate for attention.


That's why they go into that business. I don't know. Who cares?

BRAD SMITH: You know, for--

JULIE HYMAN: Like, really?


JULIE HYMAN: Don't we have bigger things to worry about than Kyrsten Sinema's dress?

BRAD SMITH: I mean, here's the thing. For the colors that are representative of different sides of the aisle-- you got your blue, you got your red, and she couldn't even get the independent color right, which is actually purple. And she just registered as an independent.

JULIE HYMAN: She's so independent that she just chose her own color.

BRAD SMITH: She chose her own, yellow. One primary, honest.

JULIE HYMAN: Give the lady a break. I'd like to see some of those men in yellow suits. Look how boring they all look.

BRIAN SOZZI: Yeah. Oh, god, they're so-- guys need to pick up their outfits. Go get a real suit. It looks like-- get some-- I don't know-- $20 out of the dustbin or something. They're awful. These guys dress horrible.

BRAD SMITH: That's where Mitch got his.

BRIAN SOZZI: We're paying some money. Where are our tax dollars going? Get them a real suit. Get it fitted.