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Cadillac to roll out $300,000 ultra-luxury electric vehicle

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Cadillac is the newest car company to jump into the EV foray with its new luxury vehicle.

Video transcript

- Well, shifting gears-- literally-- to General Motors' new Celestiq electric vehicle. A report in "The Wall Street Journal" says the car could cost $300,000. Now, I know cost is one of the top things that's the reason why people don't shift to electric.

- Forgive me for laughing, Cadillac.

- $300,000.

- $300,000.

- For the Celestiq?

- Well, it's interesting because generally speaking, what I found with American cars that have insane price tags, generally speaking, you find consumers who will pay exorbitant amounts for foreign cars but not so much for American cars. The Jeep Wagoneer is a good example of a car with a huge price tag that people say, yeah, for a Range Rover, but not so much for a Jeep. It hasn't sold like they expected.

This is a whole 'nother deal. They're talking about fewer than 500 Celestiqs they they'll make each year. Won't start production until 2023, probably won't get your hands on till '24. And the thing that I find the most fascinating, they are planning according to reports to outdo the 33-inch touchscreen and Cadillac's Lyric. That is bigger than a 33-inch screen in your car.


- Hands-free is going to be pretty important, because distracted driving is all I see there.

- I mean, unless the passenger's chiming in and helping you, it's too much. Nobody needs that much screen. And we know that Cadillac is trying to go all-electric, all of its vehicles, by 2035.


I don't know if this is the way you want to do it, with a $300,000 car.


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