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Bill Gates slams Elon Musk’s space investment, says there are more important issues

Yahoo Finance Live anchors discuss Bill Gates’s fight against mass investment in space travel.

Video transcript


BRIAN SOZZI: All right, Bill Gates is not a fan of space trip funding. When a reporter from BBC asked the Microsoft founder what he thinks about leaders like Elon Musk investing millions in space travel, he said that there were more-- there were other, more important issues to focus on.

Historically, these two really do not like each other. They have traded jabs in various media outlets and also, I believe, on Twitter as well. But look, Bill Gates, incredible philanthropist. I think he ultimately just wants to see Elon Musk doing more. It doesn't have to necessarily follow down his path, but just wants to see him giving something back.

BRAD SMITH: Well, also the fact that he's been buying up a ton of farmland on Earth here too. So he's really hoping that this Earth thing goes well for us in the near-term future. With--

JULIE HYMAN: I also hope this Earth thing does well for us.

BRAD SMITH: I do as well.

JULIE HYMAN: I hope that we don't have to flee to Mars. I mean, I think Gates is making a good point here, right?

BRAD SMITH: Of course, yeah.

JULIE HYMAN: Let's improve the planet that we're on before we give up on it and say we're going to have to go to Mars.

BRIAN SOZZI: I hear Olive Garden's opening on Mars, Julie. I'm very excited about that. I'm pumped.

JULIE HYMAN: That' not going to change my mind about wanting to--

BRIAN SOZZI: Let's go.


BRIAN SOZZI: All right, fine.

JULIE HYMAN: Space pasta not in the cars for me.


All right--

BRAD SMITH: You'd squeeze it out.