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Amazon expected to add 'Black Friday' game to its NFL streaming: Report

Yahoo Finance's Josh Schafer outlines reports on how Amazon's streaming of NFL games may be expected to expand and how that may offset the streaming war with other platforms.

Video transcript

JOSH SCHAFER: Getting into a new area is Amazon diving deeper into the NFL. You can see shares up about 3 and 1/2% today. And this might be on news from a report from the Sports Business Journal there's a new NFL streaming deal that now includes a Black Friday game that's likely going to start in 2023. It's expected the tech giant would pay in the neighborhood of $100 million to stream that game, one game.

And so Amazon already looking to kind of delve further into streaming, into the NFL streaming before it even starts. And that's kind of particularly interesting to me because we know Apple is delving deeper in. And then when we think about what's happening with these other streamers, the traditional streamers, we have Disney reporting after the bell today, Rachelle.

And I'm wondering at what point does Bob Chapek start getting asked questions about the tech giants coming into this space more and more aggressively. We know Amazon and Apple have pretty much endless balance sheets. It's got to be a problem for Disney at some point that they keep wanting to get into sports and maybe challenge ESPN in that sector of Disney.

RACHELLE AKUFFO: And it's interesting because we had an analyst earlier this week saying, look, Amazon and Apple can afford to splash the cash because they have other things supporting their business. Obviously, Amazon has Prime. It has a lot going on there. And then you have Apple, which really is relying on its gadgets, on its phones, and its Macs. So, yeah, this is going to be a bit of a squeeze on Disney. We'll see if they're able to compete as much as they're losing there on that Black Friday sale there.