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13F filings: Michael Burry dumps stock, Buffett adds Apple stock, Tepper buys Netflix

Yahoo Finance Live anchors round up the latest stock buys and sells indicated on 13F filings.

Video transcript

- All right, something else that we were watching today, the 13F filings from Monday, a lot of interesting ones here, a lot of individual ones. I had my eye on Michael Burry slashing his US stock portfolio. He doesn't own any US stocks anymore, except for one, and that company is called Geo Group.

It is a private prison operator, and it was at the top of our top trending ticker list. And it's a very small company. It was his only long stock holding as of June 30. And that by the way, brings me to an important point, which is always my disclaimer when we do 13F filings, they are a snapshot. So for those of you who like to follow what some of these big fund managers do, keep that in mind.

So who has to file a 13F? Everyone, every money manager who manages at least $100 million, it doesn't include non US traded securities. It does not include short positions. So you don't know what's on the other side of this stuff. And again, it is a snapshot. It is as of June 30.

Could they have made other changes since then? Yes, certainly. Now when we're talking about somebody like a Berkshire Hathaway or some of the other companies that we know are fund managers tend to be long holders. They probably haven't done anything since then. But Michael Burry maybe he sold out Geo Group since then. We don't know.

- Yeah, you mentioned Warren Buffett. I'm locked in on Buffett. It looked like his playbook, according to these 13s were stick, with names he knows of brands and businesses and industries he absolutely loves. Right off the top, a highlight, Ally Financial stock that is trading in only 4 and 1/2 times forward earnings on a PE basis. I mean, that is a classic value type play.

Go back to what Ally Financial did in the second quarter, wrote $13.3 billion in consumer auto originations. I mean, that is just a huge quarter from the company and a business that Warren Buffett knows. And of course another business he knows is Apple. He added to the position Apple, added to the position and Paramount. And he now also added to his position, continued to add to his position, Occidental, owns 20% of that oil giant.

- Since we're talking to some of the tech positions as well, one of the founders that I was tracking here, particularly Appaloosa Management, of course, the owner of the Carolina Panthers, David Tepper, and particularly here the holdings that he added on to, interesting Meta. He added on to, CRM. And those two companies, if you've been chronicling the last six months with us, you know about the precipitous drops that have been taking place.

He added on to 200,000 shares and initiated that position within Salesforce over the course or at least running up until the midpoint of this year. And then additionally from Meta added on about 110,000 shares. Also Constellation Energy Group, added on 2.7 million shares there. That's also a new position.

And then this one is just for the table for conversation, since I know it will get folks riled up. Kohls.

- I knew you'd get this.

- So had, had about 700,000 shares. Added on about 1.1 million shares to that.

- I don't want to argue against David Tepper. I mean it's David Tepper. I mean, the guy been right so much on the markets. But man, Kohl's, that quarter is just going to be brutal. If you looked at these results from Walmart in the general merchandise category, a lot of weakness in apparel.

How in the world is Kohl's going to put up anything good if consumers are balking at $10 underwear and socks at a Walmart. I mean, it's just not going to happen. It's not to happen.

- Maybe he wants to pull a Lampert.

- Oh, no. No. I don't understand it. I don't get it. I don't get it.

Amazon caught my eye too because a lot of people who were buying the dippity dip, as you like to put it, were getting into Amazon. So D1 Capital Partners, Coatue Management, Maverick Capital, Lone Pine Capital, Soros, all of them bought Amazon shares. So it seemed like, as things were coming down, there were a lot of large funds, pension funds in particular, that were lightning up on stocks to some extent.

But you did see a decent amount of tech buying as people were coming in.

- Soros scooping up some Tesla.

- Yeah. Those two, imagine those two in a room doing a podcast together. Elon and George.

- Listen, to be clear, George himself is probably not-- there are other people who manage that firm at that point. So he's probably more focused on his philanthropic activities at this stage.

- I would definitely love to listen to that podcast.

- Yeah, absolutely.

- A lot of dippity dip buying. Dippity dip, also a term that we're going kind of produce as a candidate into Merriam-Websters as well.