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Most sold by hedge funds

Most sold by hedge funds

12.83k followers31 symbols Watchlist by Yahoo Finance

Follow this list to discover and track the stocks that were sold the most by hedge funds in the last quarter.

Curated by Yahoo Finance

Follow this list to discover and track the stocks that were sold the most by hedge funds in the last quarter.


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31 symbols

SymbolCompany nameLast priceChange% changeMarket timeVolumeAvg vol (3-month)Market cap
TAT&T Inc.18.54+0.05+0.27%4:03 pm GMT-423.73M32.90M132.15B
CCitigroup Inc.45.07+0.98+2.22%4:04 pm GMT-429.68M19.75M87.29B
BSXBoston Scientific Corporation48.84+0.01+0.02%4:00 pm GMT-46.58M7.20M69.95B
UBERUber Technologies, Inc.32.86+0.93+2.91%4:00 pm GMT-418.49M24.52M65.54B
PBRPetróleo Brasileiro S.A. - Petrobras10+0.23+2.35%4:00 pm GMT-418.44M24.25M65.22B
SHOPShopify Inc.45.74+1.86+4.24%4:00 pm GMT-414.54M20.27M58.19B
PCGPG&E Corporation15.97-0.03-0.19%4:00 pm GMT-414.56M13.86M33.90B
NOKNokia Oyj4.65+0.08+1.75%4:00 pm GMT-414.68M17.62M26.05B
NUNu Holdings Ltd.4.43--4:00 pm GMT-413.46M27.71M20.76B
PINSPinterest, Inc.27.52+0.77+2.88%4:02 pm GMT-49.38M11.96M18.66B
EQTEQT Corporation31+0.84+2.79%4:03 pm GMT-45.34M7.01M11.38B
TOSTToast, Inc.17.3+0.63+3.78%4:00 pm GMT-44.47M6.54M9.01B
CLVTClarivate Plc9.91+0.21+2.16%4:00 pm GMT-42.50M6.65M6.68B
SWNSouthwestern Energy Company5.03+0.16+3.29%4:00 pm GMT-422.06M26.00M5.55B
ELANElanco Animal Health Incorporated9.47+0.15+1.61%4:00 pm GMT-47.59M7.68M4.49B
FTCHFarfetch Limited4.74+0.28+6.28%4:00 pm GMT-410.70M14.32M1.81B
ATUSAltice USA, Inc.3.46+0.21+6.46%4:01 pm GMT-43.89M4.08M1.58B
CPUHCompute Health Acquisition Corp.10.24+0.01+0.10%4:00 pm GMT-417.83k34.19k1.10B
CONXCONX Corp.10.2+0.03+0.29%10:09 am GMT-4872.004.63k956.56M
ARDXArdelyx, Inc.4.14+0.26+6.70%4:00 pm GMT-47.76M8.34M822.10M
GRNTGranite Ridge Resources, Inc5.01-0.01-0.20%4:00 pm GMT-496.22k44.65k667.68M
AMRNAmarin Corporation plc1.62+0.05+3.18%4:00 pm GMT-43.35M4.84M654.20M
CANOCano Health, Inc.1.14+0.14+14.00%4:00 pm GMT-44.96M8.64M568.35M
TBCPThunder Bridge Capital Partners III Inc.9.9382-0.01-0.12%2:28 pm GMT-4100.009.78k524.27M
SNRHSenior Connect Acquisition Corp. I9.99+0.02+0.20%11:01 am GMT-49.63k9.67k516.98M
HZONHorizon Acquisition Corporation II10.05+0.01+0.10%4:00 pm GMT-43.44k20.99k305.00M
BTWNBridgetown Holdings Limited10.035-0.01-0.05%4:00 pm GMT-421.67k77.89k300.73M
OTICOtonomy, Inc.0.109+0.00+1.40%3:47 pm GMT-4332.70k1.63M6.23M
AMNLApplied Minerals, Inc.0.002825+0.00+4.63%3:46 pm GMT-4777.21k1.02M1.14M
STRYQ-0.0058+0.00+7.41%3:54 pm GMT-4868.78k1.75M-
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