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Zoom Video Communications, Inc. (ZM.MX)

Mexico - Mexico Delayed Price. Currency in MXN
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3,911.00-199.00 (-4.84%)
As of 09:28AM CST. Market open.
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  • a
    This should remind us about Mar 2020 when all stocks crashed that can help people to buy more good stocks at half price. Feel so good with extra cash lol
    Load some more good stock like Zoom at better price today
    Thanks for the short who need to sell and make some quarter Q4 and 2021 report deadline.
    We can sell you back in Jan at double or triple price
  • P
    DOCU -35% ... you are lucky on ZM
  • S
    yeah yeah, not exclusively a covid play... but if the market is going to sell off due to covid, why would this not stay flat or go up?
  • A
    Today can we have green?
  • a
    Does anyone love to buy good stock at good discount like this? Every time the market, it is great opportunity to invest more. Buying stock is much cheaper than buying house with extra cash especially inflation is high now
  • A
    Honestly I cannot believe why this stock is so beaten.. doesn’t foundamental count anymore??
  • U
    My father is a cardiologist and because of Covid he had to learn how to use ZM and now he spends half of his day on ZM. Same for my college student sis. They don't use skype or teams they use ZM. My father also asked me about $TDOC these two companies will shape industries in coming years. Covid accelerated the transition
  • R
    ZM is a perfect example of why some investors don't trust Wall Street analysts. Just like in 2000 they put up huge price targets which didn't jive. It's hard to believe some of them still have $450+ price target. Lol
  • C
    $DOCU and $ZM
    First of all, the guidance for DOCU should not inspire a sell off for ZM in my humble opinion. If you believe otherwise, tell me why?
  • a
    Does anyone feel panic about Zoom stock? It is the fact it is a good company and stock at this good price.
  • a
    Working for software company with Webex, Teams, Slack and Zoom. Most of my co-workers and customers love zoom as it is so easy to use, perform so well. This company has great sale, finance and product so there is no doubt.
    The only question is what price did you buy it? 4xx or 5xx?
    I just start to buy at this discount price for 19x. I use Zoom before its IPO and know this company well. If it went down, that is great. I can buy more with discount. I suggest others do not miss this.
    I dare people sell more so others can take advantage at 50%-70% discount.
    All in zoom now.
  • j
    bought 1589 shares at 189
  • T
    If you ZOOM in you can see how small your account balance has gotten.
  • S
    With its latest quarterly earnings update showing that the company is still going strong, Zoom stock is cheaper than ever and is a top buy in my book for 2022. $$$
  • f
    How can a social distancing program be down? Just saying
  • a
    My company got long time license with webex, all Microsoft products include Teams, Slack then people ask survey if they want Zoom. Almost all employees want it and change to use it everyday happily.
    Most video tool belong to big corporate like IBM, MS and Saleforce and loose innovation and flexibility.
    Zoom is great because it is independent.
    It looks like many investors try to beat it down so bigger investors can buy at better deal or some sort of M&A preparation.
    After this settle down, this stock will skyrocket again. Wait and see
  • N
    who is still buying this stock?
  • J
    a new low...woohoo
  • a
    If someone think zoom is only video conference tool like they call Tesla is just an EV company. They miss out 80% of those innovative and successful companies
    How many startup can get to this stage of success?
    If you research it you will be all in
  • s
    Hello All, market has it wrong, this is NOT a Covid stock. It's what I do for a living, "large enterprises" were already investing heavily in Zoom BEFORE the pandemic, COVID only escalated and speed up adoption. Read article 'Could Zoom Be One of the Best stocks for 2022? The author hits it right on the head!