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Monero USD (XMR-USD)

CCC - CoinMarketCap. Currency in USD
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204.69-6.45 (-3.05%)
As of 04:27AM UTC. Market open.
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  • Y
    Yahoo Finance Insights
    XMR-USD is up 8.61% to 245.92
  • S
    Senior Saguaro
    More & more nations banning privacy cryptos like Monero and requiring the exchanges that want to operate within their nation to ban privacy cryptos like Monero.
    Where you going to sell what you already own?
  • K
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  • S
    Whoever calls trading gambling has obviously never heard of 'ultimate crypto alerts' (search them) cuz they are right 100% of the time with their research
  • S
    Sir Benjamin
    Monero target $ 5000
  • A
    I bought crypto for the first time and switched it to monero... dang, bad timing awards.
  • B
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  • C
    Zrx is poppin since they were added to coinbase. Was alerted to buy days before by ultimate crypto alerts. Feels good to be a baller
  • J
    Monero will be one of the last standing. They can't stop it, going to $500 quickly no matter what bitcoin does.
  • J
    They are trying to get everyone’s Monero. Won’t happen. Monero is what BTC wished it could be...
  • r
    Nice dip, good entry point? 🧐
  • D
    please stay undervalued for few more months
  • a
    anyone know why the drop lately? kinda steep...
  • E
    monero is the real bitcoin
  • m
    buy 10 xmr wait the next 10 years. thank me later