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  • K
    German real estate giant issues debt via Stellar blockchain
    Stellar Lumens
    Source: Wit Olszewski-Shutterstock
    Real estate company Vonovia issued a digital bond worth 20 million euros for the first time.
    The transfer of ownership to real estate is managed through security tokens issued on the Stellar blockchain.
    The German real estate group Vonovia is headquartered in Bochum and has more than 400,000 apartments in Germany, Austria and Sweden. In order to further expand the digitization of its financial business, the housing company issued its first fully digital registered bond with an amount of 20 million euros.
  • R
    XLM (Stellar Lumens) is going to 20x, and further. Heading to$1, then $5, and then higher. Their relationship with major institutions and banks is growing. It's both a currency and a blockchain. More good news coming to it soon...XLM Stellar is going to be Huge.
  • R
    Honest question... what’s the price target 2-3 years down the road? People are saying there’s no way it can go past $3 because of amount of coin out in the market? Do fundamentals even apply to crypto?
  • G
    G money cricket
    Hard not to be excited about all the developments with Stellar and Circle, USDC, and Visa. Stellar has been quiet about this, but it is going to be the big news tied to the USDC announcement in Feb.

    "This month, Visa inked yet another crypto partnership. It partnered with early crypto payments app Circle to add support for Circle’s USDC stablecoin (a cryptocurrency pegged to the value of the U.S. dollar), which means select Visa card issuers and merchants can send and receive international payments using USDC, then convert them to any local currency. And—surprise—Visa aims to eventually issue a credit card that will support USDC payments through Circle."
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    G money cricket
    Reasons to pile into stellar XLM:

    1) Recent OCC announcement about allowing banks to participate in Independent Node Validation Networks and stable coins
    2) Recent well-received appearance by Stellar Development Foundations CEO at a US congressional finance review on crypto
    3) Recent participation in International Monetary Fund special panel on crypto (Google: Denelle Dixon IMF panel)
    4) Stellar Development Foundation is a non-profit company and does not profit from XLM, helping XLM to retain currency status and avoid being designated as a security
    5) XLM has utility beyond storing value- XLM is used in many rapidly-growing payments systems (Cowrie, Satoshipay, Tempo, etc), covering microtransactions and growing in the banks and stable coins arena
    6) Stellar transaction volumes continue to grow rapidly. it is being adopted and used at an increasing rate. More users --> more demand --> price increase --> investor demand ---> price increase
    7) Even though the XLM price will increase drastically, the transaction costs for systems using XLM will still be very low, as only a small fraction of a single XLM is used as the transaction fee.
    8) Relative to BTC and Eth, stellar is not well known. Even after the recent price spike, the 'market cap' is currently about 100X smaller than BTC and about 20X smaller than Eth.
  • M
    Marie Joyce
    Just asking , no institutional investors yet for this stock??
  • C
    If BTC makes new AH, this will immediately follow. Patience
  • G
    G money cricket
    Coming February 2021

    Circle Internet Financial will issue a USDC asset on the Stellar network. Developers and businesses will be able integrate it into Stellar-based apps and services to allow users to make deposits and withdrawals; users will be able to hold, transfer, and trade USDC just like any other asset on the network.

    Stellar USDC is part of Centre's multi-chain USDC framework: it will coexist and interoperate with various USDC tokens on other chains, including the original Ethereum USDC token. Each chain offers advantages tied to specific use cases. Stellar, which is designed to connect all the world's currencies on a single platform, unlocks a whole new realm of payment-related applications for USDC

    more info at stellar dot org
  • J
    sold about 1500 in cash on the big rallies and bought all but 200 dollars back in in this mornin..
  • D
    Recent blast to above $.40 with subsequent pull back suggests a target of $.48. There may be hope for this thing. watch to see if the ratio of xlm to btc has a golden cross in the next month. Looks possible. If so the bull case for XLM may be in the cards (finally). If no golden cross, then I wouldn't be very bullish. I like the prospect of XLM becoming digital money, that is useful for global transactions.
  • R
    "Buy as much XLM as you can now, before the major Pump that's coming to it. It's heading first to $1.00 and it's skyrocket time from there, $2, ,$5, $7 and upwards. More major relationships with banks and world utility coming. XLM is a sleeping giant, hidden gem. You won't see it at this low price for long"
  • f
    Just sold LTC and EOS and bought Stellar - let's hope that it was the right decision...
    Further hol BTC and ETH
  • T
    The Wizard
    XLM is the future of transfers and will disrupt huge fees banks charge now. I'm super bullish at this level. Coinbase will literally give you $10 XLM free that will be worth an ungodly amount in the future. As BTC's ability to be a store of value has opened people's minds to ETH as a platform for business, XLM will now become known for it's ease of transfer. There is a legitimate use case here and we have natural tailwinds as USD printers stay white hot and crypto becomes more accepted.

    Buy these dips and hold forever, see you all in 5 years for the next update.
  • J
    see how critical this avg is.. 2 hours and right back to .3650..track it, build your model, in 1 month you will have your first 1 month average ... from mt view California.. good luck to all longs, see ya tomorrow ✌🤔😁
  • J
    this is a good board you guys.. most of us work together, xlm tripled and is on everybodies radar.. hold fast.. from sf bay area, see you tomorrow.. good luck to all longs 😁✌👍
  • R
    This is my 3rd largest position and it’s making my numbers look better quickly plus I rebought my BTC at 32k. I was fortunate enough to move it yesterday to USDC then back in today. GL
  • J
    xlm is neutral between 25-40.. if you want to buy some watch btc and if the market sells off buy a little xlm...time is our ally, we can make mistakes just not big ones .. 30 cents if nothing.. what stock can you buy for 30 cents that worth 5b?.. i imagine most cryptos will be taken over when the time comes but the top 10 will remain..✌👍
  • C
    one more wave, stable at .32. I love watching the charts. I wish i started sooner in life. Took corona to find something i enjoy. The rush is amazing. IT is like taking all the sports i use to play balling them all into one in adrenaline. picked 3, sndl at bottom, cashed out at peek, bngo, bought at bottom sold midd way threw bull run, now this. Dono how much more i could take.
  • G
    So many rookies lost their patience today. Despite the drop, I'm still holding. The rich get rich when they hold for the long haul.
  • J
    oh and right to the 5 day moving avg that 2.days ago was not even in range.. ck the chart above..✌👍