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    THREE of the 20 supposedly “Top Rated” threads on Page 1 of the Top Reactions section of this WFC-rigged message board have overwhelmingly NEGATIVE VOTE TOTALS! And ALL of those THREE threads with overwhelmingly NEGATIVE VOTE TOTALS on Page 1 of the Top Reactions section are, not coincidentally, all PRO-Wells Fargo threads !!! ....... Gregory at 5:27 p.m. on Sept. 16, 2020 … See WFC-incriminating details of these three “WFC-Pampered-and-Protected Threads / Posts” below:

    Dan 3 hours ago
    AND.........WFC is my best performing stock today. I don't type that very often (But I'm loving it)! Take THAT, Shorts!
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    YahooObserver 7 hours ago
    My fellow WFC investors,

    1. It seems that WFC (moving above $25) is doing much better than both JPM and BAC.
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    Paige 3 hours ago
    They had some interesting insights about WFC on Definitely made me think twice about the company.
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    This is BLATANT, OBVIOUS, WFC management rigging at its most EGREGIOUS!

    As I have mentioned before, criminal Wells Fargo upper management EXCELS in rigging this complete JOKE of a message board in more ways than you can comprehend ___ from virtually instantly DELETING factual, objective, empirically proven news articles and posts ___ to using countless WFC-generated FAKE message board IDs ___ to “importing SPAM threads” originating on completely other boards ____ to PUSHING OFF of Page One of the Top Reactions section those actual, objective, empirically proven news articles and posts made by authentic and genuine readers and viewers of this obviously WFC-rigged JOKE of a message board! ____ I've mentioned before this more subtle and nefarious way of criminal WFC upper management manipulating this message board for their own corrupt purposes. ____ These can best be termed as “WFC Trying to STEAL positions on Pages 1 and 2 of the 'Top Reactions' section of this WFC-RIGGED message board. _____ A careful review of Page 1 of the 'Top Reaction' section shows, for instance, that the three AFOREMENTIONED THREADS should in NO WAY deserves to be on Page 1 or even Page 2 or Page 3 of the 'Top Reactions' section as ALL THREE of these threads have OVERWHELMINGLY NEGATIVE Vote Totals as shown in my cut and paste detailed description above. _____ These three aforementioned examples of “WFC-Pampered-and-Protected Threads / Posts”, of course, exemplify a TROUBLING and CONSTANTLY RECURRING THEME of one of the many ways unethical and immoral Wells Fargo senior management continually rigs this message board in order to DUPE and DECEIVE the constantly diminishing number of WFC's loyal shareholders ___ and by so doing ___ hoping that the constantly will not follow the educated and incisive crowd who are rapidly abandoning this worthless stock of this demonstrably proven corrupt financial corporation!
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    Bearing in mind the recent history of WFC,
    investors should be wary of fraud.
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    Under 25...batten down the hatches...taking on water!
  • j
    I have just witnessed several brand new posts by “larry” almost instantly deleted by immoral Wells Fargo senior management with just the past 5 minutes or so. Each of them have called attention and rightfully ridiculed the two ridiculous Wells Fargo created, Wells Fargo replied to, and Wells Fargo falsely overwhelmingly supporting with scores of instant fake positive votes advertisements that unethical Wells Fargo constantly posts on this message board, polluting it with more of their various types of WFC rigging of this message board. The two current versions of this message board pollution and rigging have supposedly been posted by “ich” and “Tanya”.~~~~~ Jane Reys on September 17 at 12:05 p.m.
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    Wells Fargo market could have beaten above more than other large banks and lifted the target value to estimated $24 from nearly $21. Meanwhile, these other companies could treat is the $16.5 billion epilepsy treatment market. See more here:
    What Companies Can Be On The Leader Board?
    What Companies Can Be On The Leader Board?
  • c
    OMG. It is beyond sadly comical that lame and loser and clearly culpable WFC senior management is suddenly and desperately bumping up hilarious “John Wayne” threads from 2 full years ago in an effort to distract WFC shareholders from the obvious, ongoing, WFC message board manipulation currently taking place in a vain attempt to hide Wells Fargo's clear complicity in this ongoing, transparent message board manipulation in order to further con WFC's last remaining gullible longh-term shareholders.
  • B
    Good morning folks! It continues to be interesting and very humorous reading the posts of WFC supporters. They continue to cheerlead, and ignore all the hard data, facts about the collapse of WFC; past present & future. What's even more hilarious is that many still blame Covid, rather than the culture of fraud at WFC that lead to their collapse. We all know investing is all relative; relative to returns in the sector, in the market, and to inflation & monetary factors. WFC lagged other financials & the market by more than 50% before covid, for obvious reasons! They lost another 50% after Covid, losing FAR more than the sector. Even the past 3 months, short-term during "the recovery" WFC stock continues in the red, losing another -9.4%, while the sector is green. WFC lagging the sector XLF avg by 17%. And, of course, the S&P has excelled the past 3 months. :-) There IS A REASON, for their horrid performance folks, while the sector recovers nicely! And its NOT covid! It's NOT the cap, as WFC cannot capitalize losses. Those are simply more excuses for WFC. Do your research folks. Compare the graphs, ST, LT, trends, projections; strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats. WFC just doesn't add up! Happy investing ... and have a good weekend!
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    Interesting Psych study, reading the purely subjective posts on this board. Most WFC supporters, now being new speculators, are in huge denial! Many have been in denial with WFC for many, many months, well before covid. Hope and cheerleading. waiving those pom-poms, is now the WFC typical short-term investor, ignoring all the objective data about WFC, and it's epic collapse! Investors in almost EVERY other bank in the financial sector, losing far less YTD; and gaining FAR MORE than WFC the past 3 yrs! Future projections and baggage continuing to weigh down WFC for at least 12 to 18 months! Do you research and homework, folks! Yahoo Finance is a great tool for that! The sector FAR outperforming WFC ST, LT and going FWD.
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    The 14 August 2020 was the last time WFC closed at or above $25.
    Below $25 as a closing price is a Technical Resistance level and
    permanent ceiling.
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    I look at Dry Wells simply as a propped up, highly limited, and at risk lending institution absent any meaningful investment arm. It's shares consistently struggle to hold a pricing structure. Depending of course on the equity market movements in general and interest rate movements, I would be amazed if this oil patch I mark as Dry Well could stay above $22 a share by years end. Dry Wells is so overtly in the distant shadow of the other 3 big banks, particularly JPM, the best of the 4 biggies. I really think anyone that stays long on Dry Wells aka WFC is a highly unsophisticated investor.
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    You never hear from management! What do these guys do all day? No update on Cap removal plan submission and this month is due date...almost 1/3 rd through the month and we hear nothing, markets are going crazy positive today and this tanks...people there is no reason to invest’s wasted money...heading to $22 and below...they keep jerking you around...please open your eyes and understand they are badly managed and will sink quicker than the Titanic
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    When are we going to see the same kind of protests and riots against these greedy CEO's with their inflated public company salaries and crazy stock options.
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    Prediction: WFC will announce a dividend increase.
  • D
    It would be nice if management could actually make some changes and then report them to the market. I guess that requires real managers. These guys are your typical check collectors. They will not make any major changes and then leave in 4-5 years.
  • s
    Basically "dead money" or "negative money."
  • g
    Everything that corrupt Wells Fargo senior management does to rig this message board minute-by-minute during each and every day --- from their exploitation of the incessant "imported spam threads" --- to their constant deletions of truthful, factual, WFC-incriminating posts, threads and news articles --- to their duplicitous use of scores of WFC-created and /or WFC-compensated, fake message board IDs --- and much, much more --- all of it is designed to dupe and deceive WFC's own dwindling number of longer-term shareholders, which are constantly and wisely abandoning this completely corrupt financial corporation in ever-increasing numbers. --- Corrupt WFC executive management is doing anything and everything that they can, illegal, unethical and immoral though it all certainly is, to desperately and vainly attempt to cling to their rapidly abandoning base of long-term shareholders --- and in the process of doing so, WFC sr. mgt. playing them all for “suckers” purely for WFC senior management's own, selfish, shameless, sinister purposes!
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    I also just witnessed an in-depth Bloomberg news article dated Aug. 24, 2020 on the imposition of the punishing “market cap” being posted at least twice in succession in the past several minutes by a poster named Franklin and each time it was posted by Franklin it was deleted in mere seconds by WFC. The post had a jif of a guy running onto a stage wearing a “big silver baseball cap”. …. Jan W, 3:27 p.m., 8-28-20
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    larry 3 days ago

    WFC exploits these “Imported Spam Threads”

    “Imported Spam Threads” SIGHTING … and why Wells Fargo's paid message board rigger EXPLOITS THEM !!! ….. See explanation below of just one more way (of dozens of ways) that Wells Fargo management RIGS this message board !!!

    So guys and gals, pay attention to how Wells Fargo's paid message board rigger continuously exploits "Imported Spam Threads" that are as ridiculous as they are WFC-self-incriminating. When WFC has nothing to rebut or disprove all of the spot-on, Wells-damning, factual threads which WFC routinely deletes, desperate Wells Fargo management relies on these Wells Fargo-exploited "Imported Spam Threads" to “push down” and “shove off” of Page 1 of the Recently Discussed section of this WFC-rigged message board all the factual, WFC-damning, WFC-incriminating posts and threads that you would otherwise often find there. It's as predictable of immoral Wells Fargo management to do this as WFC's other dozen or more methods of rigging this message board for their own selfish and nefarious motives!

    These Wells Fargo-exploited “Imported Spam Threads” are kind of like the Wells-created posts of “co-operative commercials” (with the other advertiser always being rewarded as well) which unethical Wells senior management posts on a daily basis to take up space on Page 1 of the Top Rated section of this WFC-rigged message board, come to think of it! If you notice the replies to these Wells Fargo-exploited “Imported Spam Threads”, they are always the same “canned” and “phony” reply messages to every one of these “Imported Spam Threads” that Wells Fargo exploits.

    You can easily spot these Wells Fargo-exploited “Imported Spam Threads” by their “Blue Title” of another conversation board from which Wells “imports them”. Also by the long list “stock symbols” of other conversation boards (at the bottom of the “Imported Spam Thread”) on which these “Imported Spam threads” may appear if that particular message board allows them to appear there. !!!

    ---- Update 8-31-20 --- Immoral and unethical WFC senior management deleted my lead post and the entire subsequent thread apparently sometime late last Friday, 8-28-20. Fortunately I copied and saved the entire thread for this eventuality. ---------------- Larry Staley 11:15 a.m. 8-31-20

    Replies (4) 116 8

    cynthia 3 days ago
    Currently, @larry, there are 5 such 'imported spam threads' on Page 1 of the Rececently Discussed portion of this message board serving the purpose exactly as you decsribed it in your lead post.
    95 3

    jerry 3 days ago
    Larry, it's something like just one of 10 or 12 separate ways the unethical Wells Fargo management routinely rigs this WFC-rigged messsage board on an hourly basis, even minute-by-minute!
    96 3

    grand 3 days ago
    @larry, Yep! You hit the nail on the head with this post. Wells does this continuously each and every day!
    101 3

    philly 3 days ago
    So true.
    Great post!
    101 3