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Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund Institutional Select Shares (VSTSX)

Nasdaq - Nasdaq Delayed Price. Currency in USD
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221.50-2.43 (-1.09%)
At close: 08:00PM EST
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    I saw the big dip on Friday’s close, so I put in a limit buy order for today at $234.50. Unfortunately it went back up again today. Can’t catch a break 😄
  • h
    10 years, buy and hold, 13.8% annually
  • s
    Another buying opportunity presents itself. New pandemic news like what we saw today is like constipation. This, too, shall pass.
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    Michael W.
    Love VTI. Im long on a few other stonks. But this set it an forget it fund is where it’s at with steady small gains.. cant go wrong here
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    I've seen questions about using leverage to buy VOO and VTI. These are both excellent long term investments, but they should not be used to gamble. Leverage involves gambling. If you have a strong stomach and a propensity for risk, go ahead. But don't say you weren't warned.
    I've also seen questions about suitability for a Roth IRA. This is the ideal type of investment for any kind of IRA be it Roth or "Traditional".
    I've also seen questions about when to sell and take profits. The simple answer is NEVER. It's a whole lot easier to identify a temporary top, but it's a whole lot more difficult to identify a buying opportunity. If you sell here, you'll probably buy back in a lot higher. What benefit is that? You'll have to pay income tax on the gain (unless you're in a tax-sheltered investment account). Most people who sell end up buying back in at a higher price when they realize they made a mistake by selling. Save yourself the aggravation, and just hold tight. I've held both VTI and VOO since they were a whole lot lower. I've never sold a single share of either one, and my paper gain in several million $$$. I will NEVER sell. My heirs have been advised to never sell, unless they need the money to pay estate taxes.
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    chuck wagon
    Is the Mid-October gap gonna be covered?
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    Is anyone tempted to cash in and take the profit? My advice is simple... DON'T DO IT. Whatever price you get, you're sure to regret it. You may get a temporary top, but it'll soon go higher. When the big correction comes, it'll be just that.... a correction. Corrections are made for buying. Remember the cardinal rule: You get rich by buying low, NOT by selling high.
    BTW... these rules do not apply to individual stocks. Only to index funds and ETFs.
  • S
    Looks like Black Friday will start out by trying to live up to its name
  • d
    giving all of yesterday's gain up
  • A
    Still a good time to buy VTI? It's quite high. Might see correction when Fed announce the tapering?
  • s
    There's much talk in the news about a resurgence of COVID-19. I just got my booster shot and a flu shot for a chaser. The market remains strong, but a major new round of infections might cause the market to have a major hiccup. I'm not selling anything and will not do so regardless of the short term risk of a sell-off. In fact, I hope the market drops like a rock so I can put more money to work. I have no clue how far VTI and VOO might fall, but I'm not worried. I'm more worried that the correction won't be deep enough for me to steal some of these shares from the suckers who panic out. Remember Feb-Mar 2020? The market dropped about 45% almost overnight. That's what I want to see, but I don't always get what I want. I'll settle for what I get and buy cautiously as the market drops. IF it drops. It's time for the nervous-Nellies to start selling. Please. Don't be stingy. I need your shares, but I want them cheap. I promise to pay you a fair price as long as you hit my bid.
  • T
    I have VTI and VXUS in M1... partial shares are awesome! I also have a Robo Advisor account. Performance between the two right now shows Robo Advisor up slightly higher than VTI and VXUS.
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    The enormous surge of new money flowing (flooding) into ETFs is a little worrisome. I'm concerned that new investors will try to treat ETFs the same way they would individual stocks. While heavy trading volume improves liquidity, it can also cause extreme volatility. I strongly suggest using limit orders on both the buy and the sell side to avoid unpleasant surprises. (I ALWAYS use limit orders.)
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    I can't win. The additional shares of VTI that I bought on Wednesday are already up $3. I want to buy a lot more, so I was hoping for a decline. Usually, whenever I buy anything, the price drops immediately. VTI is the exception. I hate to keep chasing VTI higher. I'd love to see a 10% drop, but I'm losing hope.
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    Will the price drop again? I would like to buy it.
  • -
    I see stocks continue to rise without a 10 to 15 % correction, how long will this continue ? I drive by my local fuel oil supplier raise the price of oil 5 cents every other day, now selling for 3.15... It was selling for 1.94 before Brandon was sworn in......
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    Are we going to the moon? I feel like eventually we will hit the same price as VOO... but that may not be for another 10 years...
  • C
    The market goes up, the market goes down, the market stay flat, I will keep buying in a monthly basis. I know it will pay off and funny thing is it may beat all my stock picks long term. Growth and pays you dividend, this is the key to preserving and growing your wealth. It's not rocket science!
  • J
    Great day today...glad I bought the dip. Now lets go to ATH!
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    Anyone here own Moderna (MRNA)? Today proves the danger of owning individual stocks as opposed to a safe and sensible index like VTI. Down $65 as I write this. Drug stocks are particularly vulnerable, but it can happen to nearly any individual stock at any time when you least expect it.