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CCC - CoinMarketCap. Currency in USD
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0.0303-0.0006 (-1.87%)
As of 8:03PM GMT. Market open.
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    Binance most sat a nic setup process to get trading I've ever seen, APPZ is next CLWD

    You'll make a heck of a lot more in the APPZ rise over the next 30 to 90 days than you will here.

    I'll still be buying more tron but just thru etoro till I get all the way approved on binance.

    I'm going to ledger x for bitcoin options once I have the time to go do a large actual bank wire with bank of america.

    I may not need or have a use for coinbase until I obtain a few 3080 cards.

    FWDG MTVX UBQU VOIS, other potential 30 baggers in my opinion.
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    where can I buy this stock on?
  • S
    any predictions on the price for 2021
  • L
    Where app can I get TRON from ? Coinbase doesn’t support it
  • H
    Bitcoin and Forex trading is easier when you have the strategies and knowledge, I tried trading on my own but lost totally. I advise you place your trade under an expert who knows how to trade like Mr Solberg Jonas
  • D
    Nice rally is going on!
  • J
    Is this still a good coin?
  • I
    TRX WILL BE 45 bucks per coin. If you want to be counted in the upcoming 2021 millionaires then kindly load up as much as you can . you will not regret ...selah
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    Can i buy this on Webull or robinhood?
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    why the sudden move?
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    Alam Rebels
    FORSAGE‼ ️ FORSAGE TRON Smart Contract is a decentralized project with no owner or admin. Conclusion of the technology behind forsage: What is forsage and how forsage runs, there are 4 important pillars behind forsage, namely: 1. Blockchain 2.Smart contract (no admin / owner / fund manager) 3.Decentralization (P2P) 4.Cryptocurrency (P2P secure currency) Putting it aside, it's like Forsage's digital boarding room business We pay 420 tron (160 thousand) to get the right to sell "boarding rooms" and are paid to uplines who have already bought the selling rights What's so interesting about this business? 1. Buy business rights for only 1x but you can then fill the "boarding room" to an unlimited number 2. 100% safe business anti-scam because the circulating Tron goes directly to the Tronlink wallet "WITHOUT INTERMEDIATIONS and WITHOUT WD PROCESS. 3. Many people will continue to join even if you don't join ... in the end you will still join but have "lost time" 4. As long as humans continue to be born and the Internet is still around, this business will still exist because it uses the Blockchain system Then where do you earn the income? When we join we get 3 types of "rooms" for the next member to fill 1. Slot X3 - will be filled when we register a new member with our ref ID (100 Trx - 3 slots) 2. X4 slot - will be filled by members who join in our network scope can be in the form of an overflow when the upline can get new calls (there are 6 slots that can be filled) 3. XGold slots - similar to X4 but accommodates overflow of global networks so they can be anywhere (there are 16 slots if I'm not mistaken) So the potential for development is really big, don't lose time to join Those who are ready to make a list or who want to ask questions about forsage please go to Japri.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    TRX-USD is up 15.47% to 0.03
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    5cent next week.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    TRX-USD is up 10.67% to 0.03
  • F
    Punic Copper [PUCO] - A New TRON Token TRC10
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    TRX-USD is up 10.05% to 0.03
  • k
    45k Trons already accumulated
  • R
    is this every going to fly? can it even fly?
  • k
    many years for Tron to rocket
  • d
    After doing some research I would say TRX will increase considerably after March onwards. They are due to release their beta platform, have setup numerous partnerships already which gives expanded exposure for the platform to users. Finally there is speculation that TRX could also be listed on Coinbase. This could happen also after March as they will meet the Coinbase GDAX digital assets framework requirement. Oh, and there is rumour of coin burn at some point in March also.