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    All thanks to @Bernd_herm on telegram, I was able to recover 80ETH and 6BTC with his signals. his analyst is top notch unstoppable for trading, I am so happy for working with him keep the energy going.
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    30 cents incoming then $1.00
    Who is ready ???
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    Spot Crypto Buying on Binance
    Hello to all of my fellow Tronix hodl'ers.....I am on the verge of buying as much of the JUST crypto (JST) as I can get my hands on which as all of you know falls under the Tronix DeFi ecosystem......So what I did was transfer right around $2,000 worth of BTC out of my Coinbase wallet into my Binance wallet. As it turns out Binance has "spotted" me another $11,000-$12,000 worth of BTC giving me about $13,000-$14,000 worth of BTC. Now I'd love to believe that Binance is spotting me this out of the kindness of their hearts but while I was born at night, I wasn't born last night. Is spot trading on Binance the same as margin trading where if JUST takes a dip that takes my account down to $8,000 I'll get a margin call where I'm told that I have to pay Binance $4,000-$5,000 immediately??......Somebody please explain to me how Binance's spot trading works and let me know if I should give myself a "cushion" where I don't use the entire $13,000 or $14,000 and should only use maybe only $11,000 of what they've given me??
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    100 percent up in the last 7 days. nice...

    Up nearly 200 percent on my stack right now.
  • V
    Ok... so no one is going to mention that we went from being close to 5 cents to back down to low 3s almost 2 πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  • R
    How are we feeling about this coin people?
  • H
    love seeing the green these past couple of days!
  • H
    I will hold until I see $1!....or at least $0.50 πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
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    After doing some research I would say TRX will increase considerably after March onwards. They are due to release their beta platform, have setup numerous partnerships already which gives expanded exposure for the platform to users. Finally there is speculation that TRX could also be listed on Coinbase. This could happen also after March as they will meet the Coinbase GDAX digital assets framework requirement. Oh, and there is rumour of coin burn at some point in March also.
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    I remember the good ole’ days
    3 weeks ago..
    When I bought this for a penny
  • K
    Partnership announcements (5 fortune 500 companies) and 20-30% coin burn soon. all of this will definitely bounce TRX back, but in the meantime, take advantage of the sale!
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    Rob J Ventures
    I believe we are nearing the completion of the TRX market Correction. This correction took place for nearly all of the younger currencies. We seen them all dip all the while ETH grew strong. ETH seems to have slowed which, in my opinion, means the younger Coins, TRX included, will start their climb. Watch for the rise of giants to help predict the corrections (RULE #4). β€œDavid and Goliath” trends.
  • n
    Locked with 100,000 TRON. If this hits 1.00 I will retire from crypto a happy fella
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    binance says .9, yahoo finance. 12. which one is for real?
  • j
    March 31st , Mark your calendar.
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    We will be back to .08 by Tuesday. I’ve got a feeling. I’m sometimes right 85% of the time.πŸ˜‚
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    anyone have a price prediction of trx for 2018... projections?
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    Okay good people, I need your help because I'm not finding any number that I can call and speak to a Binance employee to get my questions answered. Now be advised, I have NEVER purchased a cryptocurrency before in my life so I'm a complete novice at how this works. Here are my questions:

    #1. How do I transfer funds out of my bank account and into my Binance account?

    #2. What's the difference between TRX/BTC and the TRX-USD that we're following here on Yahoo!Finance? The 2 aren't priced the same which has me really confused. The TRX/BTC is priced at $0.00 on Binance but the TRX-USD is priced at $0.0364 right now as we speak. If I can buy TRX at $0.00 that would make me VERY HAPPY. But I am willing to pay $0.0364 in order to get it.

    If somebody could please help me by answering those 2 questions I would sincerely appreciate it. Thanks.
  • Y
    You Sure You Want Some
    Can someone tell me where I can purchase this coin... I have looked into starting an account in 4 or 5 different trade companies and not sale TRX
    Help, Help, HELP!!!