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AT&T Inc. (T)

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  • J
    And management doesn't say a word. Too busy figuring put their golden parachutes.
  • J
    I apologize for today's mini-correction. I have been following T for a while now thinking that the valuation looked attractive. I finally pulled the trigger yesterday at $24. By law, the moment I buy a stock it has to crumble. My bad.
  • V
    I bought most of my T position in March of '09 at about today's low price. I continued to add to that position up to $32 and ended up with 18k shares. I sold it all about 6 or 8 weeks ago and did just a little better than break even on the 18k shares.
    At the time that I sold, it was basically because of the proposed dividend cut.
    I had no clue that it would slide back to 23 and change.
    Last week I bought 180 shares for 24.585.
    I wish all of the T longs the best and further hope that everyone who is underwater now will be made whole soon. 👮🏻‍♂️🕶
  • S
    AT&T looks like Enron. It just keeps its trajectory to zero.

    Worst management in all of history. Basically they decide: 1. Oh lets buy Dish, thats the future. A couple years later they sell it at a loss of 35 Billion. 2. Oh lets buy Time warner, they got old movies & HBO. A year later they sell it to Discovery... folks, this is not a joke. They buy it for 78 Billion (take loans) and then they sell to Discovery of all people. Discovery?? Oh ya you might get some s hares in the new and degraded time warner/discovery...
    3. Before that they tried to buy Tmobile. Oh that didn't work out so they give them a few Billion dollars in break up fee.

    AT&T is in a great business. Destroying wealth!!!
  • T
    T holder
    Some financial overview :

    1. When market goes down. T down.
    2. When market goes up T down
    3. When market crash T down
    4. When market hits record high, T down.

    Conclusion, T down
  • J
    Financial Facts:
    1 Over 54B EBITDA in 2020 and in 2021.
    2 Net debt is about 3 x EBITDA.
    3 Market cap is also about 3 X EBITDA when interest rates are close to zero.
    4 Whatever they are using to invest is to increase earnings.
    5 6B per year cost reductions underway.
    6 7B per year less dividend payments staying in the coffers.
    7 6B per year in less interest payments as a result of the reduced debt with spin-off and improved credit rating (cost reductions, less debt, less dividends).
    8 CFO said 8-9B to be paid in dividends post spin: 8.5B/7.14B = 1.19$/share or 6% for Legacy T @ 20$ in a very low interest environment.
    9 Any share price appreciation is on top and above the 6%.
    10 Discovery deal is additional gravy here with Malone, Zaslav steering ship. Note Malone outperformed Buffet for many years.
    11 If there is an exchange the share count will substantially drop. Under an exchange scenario, share count reduction from 7.14B to 5.35B results in 1.50-1.70$ dividends/share (6.25 to 7% yield) with a lean focused company generating an EBITDA of 45B or 8.5$ EBITDA/share based on LTM and 43B less debt. The 6B cost cutting program adds 1$ EBITDA per share.
    12 IMHO it would be smart to sell the 70% stake in DirecTV for 15B+ and use another 10B of the 43B debt reduction and repurchase 850m shares to drop the float down from 5.35B post-exchange to 4.5B shares and you get over 10$ EBITDA per share (Legacy T has a trailing EBITDA of 45B minus DirecTV contribution). 10$ EBITDA per share means 100$ per share under this scenario.
  • D
    @andrewellison Usually there are just small changes daily, like at one point of the day 1 bitcoin may be worth 2500 USD and then at another point it may be 2800 USD usually people study the times of the high and low price and buy it when its low and sell when its high. If you hold on to bitcoins for really long its possible that maybe when you bought it was 3000 and months later its 4000. But it depends on chance so not holding on to it for too long is safer and a better way to make money.
  • J
    By any measure the board and c suite have done an absolute poor job on behalf of the shareholders.
    Time for change…
    It’s obvious they don’t have a handle on how to manage this company and are in it for their paychecks and not for shareholders.
  • n
    This is the washout, the RSI is way oversold here. The RSI is lower than March 2020 COVID panic. I should have waited to sell PUTs...this is absolutely astounding how they are taking this down.

    I'll say it again: BoD needs to authorize 1B share buyback and sell some bonds to cover $20B or so. It is absolutely unheard of that a blue chip stock like T is getting trashed in favor of things that are valueless or extremely overbought. Support the shareholders, management.
  • K
    Obvious selling today for tax harvesting and to start the clock to not violate wash sale rule before getting back in before Jan ex-div.
  • S
    Sgt Hugo Stiglitz
    "If Discovery backs out, it would owe AT&T a $720 million termination fee. If AT&T walks, it will be on the hook for $1.77 billion

    If neither happens, the complex deal calls for AT&T to transfer WarnerMedia’s assets and liabilities to a temporary entity called “Spinco,” which will in turn pay AT&T $30 billion, plus an additional $13 billion in debt instruments that AT&T will transfer to one or more investment banks in exchange for debt obligations.

    Spinco stock will then be either 1) be distributed to AT&T shareholders pro rata or 2) delivered in an exchange offer followed by a pro rata distribution of any remaining shares if the exchange offer isn’t fully subscribed. AT&T will decide which based on market conditions prior to the closing."
    ------ Article in Deadline

    "Pro rata" means - assigning an amount to one person according to their share of the whole.
  • C
    Not everyone is selling.
    “Billionaire Israel Englander’s Millennium Management fund bought up close to 11.2 million shares of AT&T, which increased its stake by 165% from the sequential second quarter.
    Buying AT&T is a play on value and stability in a very pricey market. For the time being, it's paying out an inflation-topping 8.6% yield and can be purchased for a little north of 7 times Wall Street's estimated earnings per share this year.
    But what might have wet Englander's whistle is AT&T's plan to spin off its content arm, WarnerMedia, and combine it with Discovery. Combining forces will save more than $3 billion in annual costs and vastly improve original and sports programming options for streaming customers. Most importantly, it'll allow AT&T to reduce its debt (and its dividend, as well) and focus on growing its wireless business with the ongoing rollout of 5G infrastructure.”
  • R
    Jeff McElfresh, CEO of AT&T Communications, speaks at Wells Fargo Technology, Media and Telecom Summit tomorrow, 11/30. Hopefully, he can generate some interest. Begins pre-market at 9:20 a.m. ET. Jeff, we can use a little help.
  • N
    I remember when old guy asking Cramer a year ago on his show if ATT is a safe stock when trading around 30$... and he said yes it's safe, great investment long term. Indeed it might be great long term but it is 20% down since then. it can't be easy for conservative people who got their savings in it for the the DIV..... it's never easy in the "market"
  • L
    I have been saying don't expect to get this stock higher overnight but here I would say don't fall in the trap. It's just rinsing weak holders and will be back upward.
  • B
    Why haven't the CEO and 100 top managers taking a 50% cut on their salary??? And 100% cut on any stock bonuses? This needs to happen ASAP. Why isn't the board listening. Retirement plans are being destroyed.
  • B
    Bought more this morning at $24.00. Can anyone recommend a good psychiatrist?
  • K
    Khun JT
    There is some big firm unloading T shares by the million and it is effecting our share price. Tax selling? We will recover from these low levels. T is a solid company.
  • f
    remember guys, paperloss until you sell. look at fundamentals, this company in huge transition , i am as frustrated at the companies lack of care for share value but the core fundamentals show a strong company that isnt going to become "enron" or "kodak" imo in 12 months those retail investors who dont get shaken out will be rewarded
  • c
    A lot of people here have said several times in the last year that T is a "safe" stock to own in a market sell-off while I kept saying there are no safe stocks in the market. Still feel the same?