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Suncor Energy Inc. (SU)

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23.51-0.64 (-2.65%)
As of 01:39PM EST. Market open.
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  • c
    still awash in cash flow at 65 oil and now paying 5.65% dividend .... can guvs short oil
  • P
    Div stability, share buy backs and what seems like more or less "stable" WTI prices... Chicken Little destroyed confidence in SU by aggressively cutting the div and probably most of all... his 5 year div restore. It tells investors that his management is way, way too conservative at a time of COVID uncertainty. SU should be at 35 CDN all day now with the div restore but I suspect by summer 2022, SU should be steady at 35 CDN. Not sure what else to say about it. I have been watching it for over a year and this forward and pullback is just too much. You gained little this year!
  • P
    Yesterday was short-term bottom for oil. Going back to $75 shortly and Suncor back to $34 in soon.
  • b
    As far as OPEC plus is concerned, OPEC is often an OPTICAL ILLUSION show. Many times what you see and what you get are not the same. I don't know anyone who trusts those guys from OPEC and OPEC plus . They are not going to lose money just to please the US. Those are all moves based on business and business interest. If oil hovers around $70, it is good for everyone, producers and consumers.
  • P
    Suncor back on the path to $40. Ignore the daily noise.
  • r
    Suncor stock is a dog , stock went up to $31 a while back then went down to 22ish , I Did not sell but
    waited , felt very happy when it finally rose back to $34 , did not take profits , now I sold half at $30 , feeling good .Don’t have the patience nor care to wait for this to reach $45 . Plan is to buy it if it drops to $28 . If it does not , who cares , I’ll probably buy into it at a higher price but for sure I won’t have any stress with this dog of a stock going down at the slightest bad news . Was bullish .
  • b
    Two trivia details for SU today.

    1. Ex dividend day.
    2. The gap at $23.47 closed today.

    The next non-trivia event for SU will hopefully be, end of consolidation and at least a month long move upward which could start in a few days (this is my wishful thinking).
  • b
    I missed to get some in the $29 level. Its 5.5 % dividend !!. Oil may test $62 level but doubtful. Omicron bad press is there, but its not severe as before. opec may not change their plan as they not seeing any serious slowdown in world economy.
  • S
    Hilarious listening to the different media sources regarding the crude surplus/deficit for 2022. OPEC + coming out saying we will be in a surplus of 3.8m barrels per day by Mar 22. Then you get guys like Nuttel saying we will see inventories continue to decline into Q4 '22. with WTI at 100. Both have an agenda that differs. I have never had much faith in Nuttel as game is to talk up stocks and then blow them out and his fund almost always underperforms the energy index. Suppose the truth is somewhere in the middle. Despite Goldman's obvious slants and agenda's, Currie has been very good at calling the energy market for quite some time and worth the energy of following
  • B
    Long term that’s where the money is
    Any one can sell when they are on the green
    The big problem is when do you buyback
  • b
    Trying to make sense out of the Non-sense is not an easy task, there are too many conflicting forces in the market and this is what confuses investors. The market does not know which way to go up or down. Today is a great example how the oil stocks oscillate by the hour, up and down and up again. Stocks that are good for inflation like the food chain KROGER (a Warren Buffett stock) are doing great. Oil stocks are also good for inflation, however oil stocks are now being attacked by the a new enemy, Omicron (what a name that is easy to forget, the anagram Moronic sounds better) virus. It is just a matter of a little more time and the oil stocks will reflect their true value which is increasing by the day. SU so far is doing fine. Now it is not the time to bad mouth management while the virus is in control of the entire oil sector and other sectors of the economy.
  • s
    Marketing material from CIBC with SUNCOR

    1. Fort hills ramp up on track. Conservative estimate = 20MBbl/day to 40MBbl/day low cost production
    2. FREE FUNDS flow growth confidence. 465m margin improvement in 2021, additional 400m in 2022
    3. Downstream cash flow could return 3.7B level
    4. CCUS required Govt support at all levels
    5. Valuation - SU trades at P/RNAV ratio of 67%, 4.5x EV/DACF, 16% FCF yield vs group 75%, 4.1x and 22%

    48$ price target bumped from 44$
  • A
    Wow I own a large amount of Suncor and have to say when oil is up almost 4% and an O & G company is down 1% it really makes me wonder what the heck is happening. I own roughly 11 other O & G companies and sure enough this one is standing out for all the wrong reasons!
  • b
    Today is the day for analysts to issue a buy order on the oil sector. The oil stocks today are extremely oversold, the new virus is milder than the prior ones and the economy is still very strong, no signs of slowing down. The price of gas could go down by around 10% but that's about it. Demand for oil will only intensify in the near future.
  • S
    Back to $34 is on the way. Buckle up
  • J
    Covid variants controlling the markets .. suncor drops 3.5 dollars in 5 days because of a unvacinated country on the other side of the world.. who seen this coming ?
  • b
    European major oil companies Royal Dutch, B.P, Total and the Americans CVX, XOM are up big time 5 hours before the market opens. I think it could be because of the booster shot for Omicron by Modena, should be ready by March. Bodes well for the entire OIL sector. Should be a good day today, finally. Hope it does not change.
  • b
    Omicron negative news pumping started, who knows how long it will last. Its going to affect oil price and stocks. Funny thing is no omicron death reported so far. South African Dr. says symptoms are mild and there many variants of omicron. Hard to if SU will trade 6% dividend range !
  • L
    I think it’s all about inflation getting too high. Blaming oil for high gas prices. I’m sure there’s a lot of retailers and other middlemen want to make some money this year as it’s been tough the past couple of years in this industry.
    I hope it settles between $65-$70+ range to cool things down so we don’t get extra high interest rate hikes next year.
  • b
    Although there is no official evaluation or pronouncement on the new virus Omicron, this virus does not look to be a major threat according to a 600 points straw poll conducted today by Wall Street. Of course this is subject to change but I hope it holds.