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Cash flow

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Period ending31/12/201731/12/201631/12/201531/12/2014
Net income1,659,0001,161,0001,008,000955,000
Operating activities, cash flow provided by or used in
Adjustments to net income-349,000-6,000-16,000-31,000
Changes in accounts receivable35,000-146,000-150,000-66,000
Changes in liabilities-84,00098,00062,000-3,000
Changes in inventory2,000-24,000-17,0003,000
Changes in other operating activities----
Total cash flow from operating activities1,848,0001,682,0001,407,0001,377,000
Investment activities, cash flow provided by or used in
Capital expenditure-51,000-51,000-65,000-67,000
Other cash flow from investment activities38,00044,00057,00044,000
Total cash flow from investment activities-422,000-668,000-422,000-565,000
Financing activities, cash flow provided by or used in
Dividends paid-762,000-683,000-583,000-565,000
Sale purchase of stock----
Net borrowings8,000393,000-34,000511,000
Other cash flow from financing activities-10,000-9,000-8,000-22,000
Total cash flow from financing activities-1,471,000-1,005,000-1,124,000-670,000
Effect of exchange rate changes-6,00031,000-15,0002,000
Change in cash and cash equivalents-51,00040,000-154,000144,000