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    I strongly believe that Pfizer is quickly building the "infrastructure" to vaccinate the globe. That is not worth nothing folks. For whatever reason this Covid vaccination campaign is seen as a one-off event by the market. It is not. This is a new backbone through which many vaccines - not just Covid- can be delivered at scale, anywhere. Think contracts between governments and Pfizer to come down the pike for many years to come. This in addition to the core franchises at Pfizer which remains intact.
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    Pfizer is a profitable company with a "net income-to-revenue" ratio of 20-40% the last 4 fiscal years.

    It does have the most effective (%) and efficient (mutations) vaccine against COVID19.

    It provides, as of today, a 4.6% dividend return.

    Vanguard + Blackrock own $31B worth of its stock.

    However, due to COVID, its revenue was down $10B YOY in 2020.

    Is it performing to our liking? No. Does anybody here know what is going to happen next with 100% accuracy (including the I told you so margin players that act like long term investors and claim they are here posting 30 times a day to "warn" us)? No.

    Just be patient. Our day will come.

    One thing we know is that this company is not going bankrupt and it is highly likely we will wait for the next earnings statement, etc.
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    This will save PFE big bucks $$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!
    Today, the FDA announced that it is allowing undiluted frozen vials of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine to be transported and stored at conventional temperatures commonly found in pharmaceutical freezers for a period of up to two weeks. This reflects an alternative to the preferred storage of the undiluted vials in an ultra-low temperature freezer between -80C to -60C (-112F to -76F). The change is being reflected in updates to the Fact Sheet for Healthcare Providers Administering Vaccine (Vaccination Providers).Pfizer submitted data to the FDA to demonstrate that the COVID-19 vaccine remains stable after storage of the undiluted vials for up to two weeks at standard freezer temperature.The alternative temperature for storage of frozen vials is not applicable to the storage of thawed vials before dilution or on the storage of thawed vials after dilution.
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    All PFE needs to do is execute their plan. They need to release to the market the number of vaccine units that they announced on time. The numbers will add up and the stock price will move up.
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    simply amazing concerted manipulation going on everyday. How do they trade 20 million shares plus daily and keep the price steady as the ocean level? There has to be 20 funds concerted involvement in this manipulation. Shareholders should file security seeking investigations into profiteering off calls/puts options using institutional share manipulation.

    This has to be a concerted effort by a group of funds, clean the swamp that has plagued PFE for 20 years. I think Warren Buffet knew about this but chose the blind eye, didn't want to expose the Wallstreet swamp, so sold his 3 million shares instead.
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    Something completely irrational: yesterday there was a hearing for all the vaccine makers before a House subcomittee. All the makers were there: officials from Moderna, Novavax, Pfizer.. The stocks went down, by alot for the first two. Something to do about delivery...(where Pfizer is doing the best of them all). So when there is something to complain about Pfizer is suddenly a covid vaccine producer but when a company finds a vaccine and produces a vaccine succesfully, Pfizer is suddenly NOT a covad vaccine producer. Since the beginning of the pandemic developing Moderna's vaccine seems worth about 60 billion, Novavax about 20, and billion, looking at the market cap. While it is a profitable company generating at least 3.20 dollar PPS this year + a dividend at around 5 %. And has more then 30 new products in the pipeline alot at late stages. This stock is highly manipulated to get your shares and once they let it run it will toch 50 dollar before the end of this year (the vaccine will generate alot more, and higher margins, then they now say)
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    Well, my current holdings of PFE are down, but I have an equal position in TEVA. Looks like they are nearing a settlement for their opioid liabilities. The stock is up sharply today, but it may have more to run. I am holding because I think the prospects of a settlement will push it higher as we approach their trial date in March. Sometimes I win and sometimes I have to be a little more patient. I still like PFE long term, and I hope they start buying back their shares.
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    Bourla on TV interview saying that PFE vaccine appears to be doing well against variants so far. He said the vaccinations have held up well for six months, but he believes that a yearly shot may be warranted for the foreseeable future. He also said that PFE is testing their vaccine on younger individuals down to the age of 5. Interesting. Whether PFE gets rewarded for its miraculous life-saving vaccine remains to be seen, but it has certainly demonstrated that it has first rate R&D.
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    I buy facts not rumours, PFE one of the few on the market to have global approvals from WHO, European Union, USA, Middle East and even Russia. Yes more players are joining but yet PFE is already 10 months ahead with their statistical research and analysis.. good luck catching that fact... Yet another fact PFE has signed multi Billion deal on each continent, still not promising? How about going to basics of commerce: enterprise value at 250 B Vs consolidated debt of 63 B and 11 B available as cash remedy in case of unforeseen... Still too smart to open your Wall-street curtain? Check out their innovative research programs and show me another competitor.
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    Always easy to see when the short-cover test the water..nice spike..when PFE Reports earnings in April, the longs will be rewarded nicely.
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    Lay back, enjoy the dividend. If it goes above $45, sell.
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    OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a miracle, PFE is actually up this morning. Almost a quarter!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Every day the same scenario: Massive pressure on the share at he last 10 minutes with large volume in order to download the share price.
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    PFE is already testing a third dose to counteract the new variants. I believe this is going to be a yearly issue and will continue to contribute revenues to PFE for years to come.
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    More good news for Pfizer as FDA allows lower temps. for vaccine storage. Let's hope they don't find a cure for cancer, then, PFE stock will go to zero.
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    Albert Bourla - Pfizer Inc. - Chairman of the Board & CEO
    Thanks. And Chris, as regards to the stock repurchases, we never say never to anything, right? We don't want to leave any weapons, but we will
    say we never use. But clearly, the share repurchases fall at the bottom of the priorities right now. The dividend is a clear commitment, that of course,
    we will honor.
    And we believe there are tremendous opportunities right now to invest in the business. As Frank has said, we have already an authorization from
    the Board that we could exercise at any point to buy back shares. And we could ask for a renewal. But this is not the priority right now. The priority,
    it is to make sure that we keep investing for business development and for infrastructure. So for example, our COVID franchise will thrive over time,
    and our R&D machine will get many more programs from the external world that can run through it.
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    JNJ gets emergency approval up $2 she goes this morning we get emergency approval at PFE down she went almost $2
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    I just watched Lester Holt on CNBC interview this Guy named Bourla. He sounded like he was the Asst Mgr at Kwik-E-Mart, but apparently he is CEO of PFE. Maybe that explains SP, I dunno.
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    According to Google, PFE has around 5.5 billion shares outstanding. It reportedly plans to produce 2 billion vaccine doses this year, and I believe that is a conservative estimate as they recently were able almost double production. If they just make $2 a dose profit on the vaccine, that would amount to $4 billion to the bottom line, and according to the last CC vaccine earnings were not factored into their earnings forecast. PFE is getting no respect, but at some point, earnings projections are going to have to be raised, and I believe their stock price will head higher.

    The FDA decision to not require extensive testing for future tweaks to the vaccine or booster shots is also a big positive because PFE can respond quickly to new variants and not have to endure the time and costs of conducting extensive preliminary trials.
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    PFE just given more flexibility in shipping and transporting its vaccine as reported on CNN. That's good for PFE and the world.