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  • s
    Can someone explain how Pfe which has other products besides the covid vaccine not do well but Moderna which has one product be over $300.
  • P
    What on earth is the matter with this stock? Down from $51 to $42? How in the world can this be when it is saving the world from covid? Is it management? Is it because we are a known entity with a slow future? I just do not get it. Is it still a lumbering giant? What can be done to juice its price? Get with it management.
  • L
    AFTER HOURS CLOSE $43.24(+.09)
    Highest since Sept 29 2021
    Inching up before earnings release Nov 4 even without announcement of Children 5-11 FDA Approved Vaccine
    due tomorrow?
    If benefits outweigh risks
    Its Vaccine is currently authorized for Ages 12-15 and Fully Approved for those 16 and Older
  • B
    Looks like another day of Pfizer stock circling the toilet bowl, and with earnings a week away. Not looking good for investors of Pfizer. When is the bad news going to be released that is keeping this stock down?
  • l
    PFE will be 45s end of week
    if 5-12 years vaccination approved this week
    it could help stock move higher before report earning next week
    ex-dividend also next week 11/4/2021
  • Q
    I think for covid play the vaccine is still the best place to be and PFE is the best of all. First, the PFE/BNTX vaccine dose strength is a lot less than that of Moderna so the side effect should be a lot less for younger age groups. PFE is also unlike BNTX or MRNA that is not a one product company that sorely dependent on covid. PFE has a reasonable PE and high dividend too, a good overall good bet.
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    Approval vaccination of 5-12 year children approval in Tuesday.
    The stock price should skyrocket at these news.

    Giant new revenues. Great.

    I am adding another shares.
  • p
    Nothing more than a somewhat safe dividend stock...
    Over a year now, what don't you understand....
  • R
    I know this dog well. I personally don't like to own PFE a penny above $38, and even at that price I feel I'm still rushing and being way too impulsive about wanted to buy shares of this mega-pharma. Reason: four times bought it above $40, four times proved to be a costly mistake. (I did not lose money but I had to be super patient while seeing the market recovered and reaching new highs, this dog meanwhile sunk bellow $33.) Some of the early spin-offs have offered good returns, no so sure about Viatris though. Even considering dividends, no early retirement will come from this dog, Pfizer needs to be way more honest with its shareholders and its shares, fly and STAY way, way higher.
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    i am addimg again.
    This is one of the best investment opportunities among all stocks.
    PFE is 60 USD stock minimum, ridicolous valuation for the company which saved the world.
  • s
    Pfizer saved the world.

    Make it to a meme stock, the company is worth to do it.

    From Hedgefonds pressed down, what is not fair.

    Pfizer stock price must be at 60 usd Minimum.
    This is the fair value for the gehungert profits.

    Think about that and post it in robinwood forum.
    We all should punish the Hedgefonds with their shortselling.
  • A
    Anthony Fauci
    Pfizer CEO says company will produce 4 billion COVID-19 doses in 2022
  • W
    Most people remain poor only because friends and relatives discouraged and advise them against investing and trading BTC while the wise ones kept investing and growing higher financially
  • H
    Anyone have a target price for pfe? I think a rational price is ~80-90, considering the vaccine boosters in the next 2 - 3 years and the probability of a new covid pill that reduces infection risks.
  • s
    Pfizer strongest buy.

    Most american people will decide für Pfizer. It is the best vaccine among all, most people treated with and has ,ost less sideeffects.

    I reiterate my personal recommendation .. strong buy !

    The CDC panel didn’t explicitly recommend anyone get a different brand than they started with but left open the option — saying only that a booster of some sort was recommended. And some of the advisers said they would prefer that J&J recipients receive a competitor’s booster, citing preliminary data from an ongoing government study that suggested a bigger boost in virus-fighting antibodies from that combination.
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    PFE is one of the bigggest bargain and an extremely save investment.

    1. Pfizer
    When you take a look at Pfizer's (NYSE:PFE) revenue, blockbusters, and product pipeline, you wouldn't expect the stock to trade at a bargain. Pfizer is the leading seller of coronavirus vaccines. The company and its partner BioNTech expect to generate more than $33 billion from them this year. Pfizer also is working on a coronavirus pill treatment candidate and expects to report phase 2/3 data this quarter.

    But Pfizer isn't only about the COVID-19 market. The company has seven other blockbuster drugs including blood thinner Eliquis. Last year, Eliquis brought in $4.9 billion in worldwide alliance revenue and direct sales. And recently, a court ruling affirmed key patents. That means competitors can't enter the market until at least 2028.

    Of course, the eventual loss of Eliquis patents and those of other products is bad news down the road. But here's the good news: Pfizer has many candidates in development that may compensate for some future losses. The company has 23 candidates in phase 3 clinical trials right now.

    Now, let's talk share price. Pfizer is trading at only about 10 times forward earnings estimates. That's cheaper than rival coronavirus vaccine maker Johnson & Johnson and rival coronavirus pill developer Merck & Co. You also can count on Pfizer for dividends. The company has steadily increased its dividend over the past decade. And while it does pay a smaller dividend than J&J and Merck, the dividend yield has steadily surpassed those of its rivals.

    So if you buy Pfizer, you're getting a lot of growth now -- and potential in the future -- for a very reasonable price.
  • G
    Moderna has 1800 employees PFE 73,000. Without this vaccine PFE would be a $10 stock. The company was headed South long ago the vaccine saved it. Hyped even today
  • W
    Wisdom of Crowds
    Amazing that PFE is 20% below all time highs despite more good news that arguably any large cap stock, a valuation half of other large cap and 50% below JNJ and a solid yield and low beta……confident that this will be at all time high after ER when analysts update 2022 models.
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    BioNTech/Pfizer and Moderna will dominate the Covid-19 vaccine market next year, generating a massive $93.2bn in combined sales, almost double the amount in 2021, according to new forecasts.

    The bullish projections by Airfinity, a health data analytics group, suggest the two messenger RNA jab producers will control three-quarters of the non-Chinese Covid vaccine market in 2022.
  • k
    Sell right before or after dividend? No sp move in saving the world, how sad.
    Just an expensive education in the investing world.