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Chainlink USD (LINK-USD)

CCC - CoinMarketCap. Currency in USD
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20.01-0.95 (-4.55%)
As of 7:20PM GMT. Market open.
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  • M
    finally after I bought at 14.98 it's moving up again. 3 weeks ago, recently added bitcoin at 31k, looking good, yesterday added eth, as usual everything I buy goes down at first. but I'm in for two years minimum, will have a smile on my face I'm sure, long on crypto!
  • K
    Check out ( They just mentioned LINK-USD in the daily newsletter.
  • m
    Can someone tell me what websites they use for crypto please? Something easy today set up and low fees if possible!! :)
  • m
    Over 300 companies are using LINKs platform. $100 by EOY. Get in as soon as you can.
  • A
    Anyone know how to buy this ? Fidelity doesnt let u buy it
  • M
    Will I be able to buy more at $10? I hope so.
  • r
    How do you buy this stock I don’t know what ticker to use it doesn’t show up
  • g
    $300. bulls coming
  • J
    Wait for correction before buying in!
  • B
    A trading buddy asked me the other day about LINK-USD and where I got the pick. I told her to check out ( That’s where I get 95% of my winners.
  • J
    Thinking about investing into chainlink. Can someone please give me some insight if at these prices it's a smart investment or if I should wait? Thanks for your help
  • J
    Do you guys see this going to $50 in the next year?
  • a
    I am not a fan of altcoins in the slightest. But Chainlink has been following a solid trend, and is set for spectacular growth. The 40% correction in August will be a bump on the road in the near future. I expect anywhere from $25-100 USD/LINK by the end of 2021.
  • g
    Adding on next pullback
  • I
    I need money m8
    50$ incoming Marines!
  • c
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    $MARA $RIOT $ETH.X $BTC.X Bullish
  • s
    Make your stock picking life easier by signing up to one of the best services in the game. Just go over to ( and see for yourself.
  • J
    Paypal trades 4 cryptocurrencies on app. Eth, Lite, bit
  • D
    what is a good platform to buy cryptocurrency?
  • g
    Most under-the-radar investment... loading