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    From Freddie Mac, nationwide 3Q21 margin rebounded some from the depressed 2Q level.
    (From 1Q to 2Q, LDI's gain-on-sale margin dropped from 2.98% to 2.28%!)
    It remains to be seen if revenue can stabilize. (The crash from $1,316 million in 1Q21 to $780 million in 2Q21 was horrendous. Mortgage industry projects 10+% sequential drop.)
    I presume LDI cut more personnel in 3Q21. However, a good part of overhead is fixed.
    The touted $0.18 per share EBITDA in 2Q21 might not hold but I expect 3Q21 earnings to be somewhat better than the $0.07 reported in 2Q21.
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    Based on litigation with CEO, surrounding various issues, in conjunction with drastic drop share price, LDI seems prime target for hostile takeover. Wonder who will be first to scoop them up?
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    To know why mortgage stocks kept going down, one needs a bit of perspective.
    --The fed drove interest rates way down since Covid. Mortgage rates plunged. Refi demand went ballistic which CONSTRAINED MORTGAGE CAPACITY and pushed points up. More importantly, originators increased spread (charging way above secondary market rates) which resulted in huge resale profit.
    --Mortgage companies all knew this was one-time windfall which won't last. With huge profit behind their backs, they hurried to issue IPOs, at prices they couldn't have dreamed of only a year earlier.
    --Enter our retail "investors."
    Most of them had little or no investment experience or ability to value a business. Unaware that IPO prices were several times the true value, they kept hoping for a bounce to earlier levels. Some even doubled down along the way down!
    That may work for a few lucky "investors," the majority suffered.
    --Are we at the bottom yet? Mortgage business is cyclical like auto makers and valuation is difficult, certainly above my pay grade.
    My sense is that they are in a more normal range but not necessarily cheap. Caveat Emptor!
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    I have been seeing during football games (TV) and hearing on the radio a lot of Loan depot ads
    I hope that is a good sign.
    I own a lot of Home Point Mortgage. HMPT
  • h
    Stock price is an indicator of financial viability and health of a company? Lets talk about a failing brick and mortar retailer called GME.. GTFOH. This company makes billions and pays dividends.. the float is only 40% of the company.. this stock is down because Reddit and Instagram haven't created a forum for it. That should tell you the "market" is really just... the "casino"
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    Still being IPO'd....

    Another 29)M shares to go. Under writers are selling without regard to PPS to get 5% commission every share sold. Overwhelming supply and lack of demand is what's driving this position down...
    Endless supply of shares to tune of 290M and only 16M is really float at this point. We will see how many float once 3Q E get s reported...

    Hold on and wait to double up next year or may be 2023 when 290M shares have been fully absorbed by the market...

    Good Luck to all and do your due diligence always...
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    Check out that double half-pipe formation on the 1mo chart. Tubular!!!
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    real estate. market is in 🔥🔥🔥. load up ladies
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    Had a lot of friends work here and grew up next to the companies HQ. Turn & burn shop and schemy company. ex COO now suing, stay away from this stock. I feel sorry for the people that bought in post IPO.
  • b
    Trading at 50% discount to TREE and RKT!

    Thought 8 was bottom and now below 7. It is yielding around 4.6% so you get to collect divy while the numbers start to go up. Looks like good cash flow!

    GLTA in stock casino!
  • J
    Oooh in the 6s long will it take to get to 5s? Any takers?
  • s
    3Q ER will be a good barometer for things to come....

    Hard to see ahead with the COVID-19 fog and juiced up number in last year. More sane number should surface in 3Q and 4Q that should show valuation of the company. Still very cheap by any measure unless mortgage market goes bust...

    Good Luck to all and do your due diligence always...

    Good Luck to all and do your due diligence always...
  • K
    CEO just bought a 61 million dollar mansion. Hmmmmmmmm. Hmmmmmmmm
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    Small cap is running, and taking us along for the ride.
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    Going to close the gap between here (7.29) and 7.76?
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    When you account for dividends paid, I'm thinking $7 is the magic number. Fingers crossed to get more there (or below)!
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    you too can be a magician - buy this stock and make your money disappear.
  • s
    If U bought today and it pops on Monday. Give it back to underwriters and run with profits...

    Until big inst and firms buy into this. It will be slow going for long time...
  • M
    Everyone rushing to buy up that dividend...