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Avis Budget Group, Inc. (CAR)

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288.96-23.69 (-7.58%)
At close: 1:00PM EST
290.00 +1.04 (+0.36%)
After hours: 04:39PM EST
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  • H
    Posted my trade 22 days ago….

    “Went short today at $285 for 300 shares.
    Concurrently, sold 3 Dec 17 $280 puts for $44”

    Halfway through and right on the money though very surprised this stock isn’t much lower…
    But I did debate some in the board that nearly all meme stocks found support at levels much higher than when they first started trending up.

    I’d say there’s more of a chance the stock is lower by expiration, but a higher chance that any 10%+ move would be to the upside.

    So we wait.
  • S

    SRS Investment Management, LLC acquired 61,709 shares @$30 and disposed them of @ $307.7848 on 11/26/21.
    They also acquired 147,724 shares @ $27.22 and disposed them of @ $307.7848 on 11/26/21. According yahoo finamce, the maximum price on 11/26/21 was 292.99. Can anybody explain how does this happen - buying at or below 30 and disposing of at a price not even recorded on the day? Thanks
  • D
    This company is a $20 stock under no-inflation conditions, due to the weight of its long term debt and depreciation nominally of car fleet.

    This company is a $500 stock given the coming high-hyperinflation will shrink in real terms its debt, and grow in nominal terms the value of its car fleet.

    Huge huge warning sign and not a short squeeze of times to come.
  • m
    Tried shorting at this price, but no more stock available. I still have short positions but will wait as long as it takes for it to get back to it's true value.
  • c
    Great financial move - CAR issued senior notes at about 4.8% to redeem 9% preferred stock. So every quarter we'll see about a benefit of about 1% on $1.5B, or $15 million, to the bottom line, simply due to this financial move. ($60 million to the bottom line annually.) Booyah!!!!
  • D
    Dan F
    Next week it begins to go back to reality. Hedgies held it up for today's option expiration. They made a lot of money from Put premium.
  • M
    Don't short this stock unless you like tying up your money who knows how long. The price is controlled institutions. They are driving up the price for two reasons. 1) To unload a stock worth $60 to mutual funds controlled by their buddies. Sure, they know it's junk, but they'll only buy a small bit, to spread the loss around and get taken care of in cash at their favorite bar in New Jersey. 2) To attract meme stock buyers who'll squeeze shorts out for a 2nd time. They'll make money on that play again as well.

    I learned the hard way, I was wiped out when I shorted at $120, tripled-down at by shorting at $535 and still wont break even till this goes to $214.
  • D
    I dont get it, when you have a run up in price, dont you usually have much higher volume? A rush of people coming in to buy the stock???
  • A
    I guess it's possible this price action is a result of short sellers buying to close out their positions, which drives the price back up again due to lack of liquidity in the stock.
  • M
    Just know, the rise and fall of this stock has nothing to do with market forces or AVIS business performance. The price is controlled by corrupt institutions. You want to short this? Who they hell knows when they will decide to cash out?
  • C
    I'm not a big fan of Morgan Stanley, but their newest price target of 170 is far more realistic than the recent target increases from BofA, Deutsche Bank and JPMorgan. So who's paying 270 for a 170 stock? To those who want a negative 37% return on your stock, have fun.
  • G
    Investing right now will be at every wise individual list. In few weeks you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today
  • J
    where is that guy that said CAR is going to be 150 this week he must of meant next year
  • m

    Chairman sold 100'00 shares on 11/15/2021
  • A
    SRS exercised options and sell 2.5 mln of shares at price ~300$. Now, their average cost for the left shares is zero.

    This is similar to the SoftBank scandal with tech stocks.
  • I
    It's me
    When the hedge fund will sell? They are sitting in the board and not allowing AVIS to raise capital through secondary offering. Sooner or later this will crash. SRS is holding the supply and drying out the volume. One bad news and you will see the sell button pushed
  • K
    Hees Bernardo, CEO, should be fired for not raising funds for the company to use in replendishing their fleets that were sold off at fire sale prices, while the stock is at least 40% overvalued.
  • R
    Any intelligeny investor knows how this is going to finish. It may take a month, six, whatever, but this stock will be under 100. This type of stock manipulation is like a Ponzi scheme, it explodes sooner or later.
  • D
    Dan F
    $CAR below 10 in Mar 2020. Now 280. $CCL below 10 in Mar 2020. Now 17. Just a small idea of how overvalued $CAR is.
  • D
    Dan F
    This stock is a good example why it is better to short the stock rather to buy Puts. Manipulation will eat away your premium. If you are short (and don't take too big of a size to avoid being squeezed), you are probably safe, as this will eventually retrace.