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39,019.13-673.89 (-1.70%)
As of 6:41PM BST. Market open.
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    $BTC-USD value took off to one more record, this time contacting $62,850.36 (£45,694.07), a day prior to US cryptographic money trade stage Coinbase plans to coast on the stock market.If you need venture thoughts from genuine proficient dealers,mr ben
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    I have been watching some videos and I was thinking about investing, but still don't know where to start from.
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    The United Nations estimated that $800 billion to $2 trillion of criminal proceeds in Cash is cleaned and hidden each year – at the top end, 33% more than the total circulating supply of all cryptocurrency in existence today.
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    ROTHSCHILD investment Corp has increased its Bitcoin investment by 300%!!!
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    Bradley 🧜🏻‍♀️
    You could buy real estate, buy bonds, start a small business, invest in a mutual fund, collect precious coins, and much more.
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    I’m so happy that i took that risk
    I can’t imagine how life would have turned to if i didn’t invest with him
    I’m super grateful to him
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    A trade expert acquires paying little mind to advertise variances, I began using Nolasco’s technical analysis since June last year , and he shared his crypto strategies and assisted me with good trading signals and now the benefit rate is outstanding.
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    Satoshi Nakamoto
    Show me a new high and I will show you a buy, Fibonacci chart is right on target as more and more volume coming in.
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    i strongly believe BTC will be 100k CAD by end of the year. Perhaps even higher
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    Option expiries have gained prominence this year, with the cryptocurrency gravitating toward the so-called max pain point in the lead-up to settlement, and seeing notable directional activity post-expiry. That point is the strike price at which the most open options contracts expire worthlessly. Sellers, typically institutions, try to push prices closer to the max pain point to minimize their losses.
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    How much time needed for Bitcoin to reach $ 1m, any thoughts?
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    I see Brian as someone who takes the success of everyone under him seriously with top priority.
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    Why use a credit card and get cash back when you can use Bitcon and pay a huge fee? It just makes sense!
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    Advantages of Cryptocurrency :
    Protection from inflation – Inflation has caused many currencies to get their value declined with time. ...
    Self-governed and managed – ...
    Secure and private – ...
    Currency exchanges can be done easily – ...
    Decentralized – ...
    Cost-effective mode of transaction – ...
    A fast way to transfer funds –
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    Shorts are in the fetal position. Even they can see by price action Btc and all crypto is about to begin its next leg up.
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    So according to our politicians (both parties), pieces of paper printed with the Presidents on them are good cause them and the banks control them. But digital currency held by decentralized methods are bad?
    The politicians deregulated the banking industry and had a world crash 2008. Sounds like there needs to be a little less lobbying money paid out.
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    American innovation
    The internet
    Electric cars
    Digital currencies
    Making rockets for the public
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    1. Bank for International Settlements: There are still certain risks in the cross-border use of central b
    2. The National Zakat Foundation, a British charity, began accepting cryptocurrency donations

    3. On-chain analyst: The crypto whale bought approximately $2.2 billion worth of BTC this week

    4. Data: BTC is expected to reduce the mining difficulty by 9.42% to 13.01 T in 8 days and 3 hours

    5. Data: Axie Infinity's revenue exceeded 30 million US dollars in the past 30 days.


    1. The Fed marks the first time crypto assets in the financial risk assessment

    2. Paraguayan legislators: Bitcoin regulatory law will be introduced next week

    3. Reports from Japanese regulators suggest that DeFi regulations may be about to be introduced

    4. Oscar soundtrack master Hans Zimmer may set foot in the field of NFT

    5. The NFT series launched by Playboy and SuperRare will be exhibited on July 10th

    6. NBA Lakers star Andre Drummond releases NFT collection on Rarible

    7. Synthetix will launch an exchange on the second-tier expansion plan of Ethereum in the week of July 26th.

    8. Uniswap founder: Uniswap Governance Treasury has UNI worth more than 9 billion US dollars

    9. Slow fog: BSV network suffered malicious double-spending attack, it is recommended to suspend BSV deposit and withdrawal business first

    10. Musk: Crypto transactions do not need to reach the speed of Visa, because regulated exchanges will become the de facto second layering digital currencies
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    GameStop day!!
    Time for margin calls
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    amazon rumors came out like almost a whole day before we started pumping...i am not sure why people tie that as the only reason... were also up from 36k to 38k this morning with no news....its a bull season.... 100k end of year is still easily on the table....just shut up and buy some already... you wont regret it... bitcoin as returned on average 200% a year for the last 10 years.