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BinanceCoin USD (BNB-USD)

CCC - CoinMarketCap. Currency in USD
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40.02-1.77 (-4.24%)
As of 6:50PM GMT. Market open.
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    What’s there to say? Bought BNB at 10$. I intended to keep this as long as Binance is a top exchange. This will only rise over time provided they can continue business.
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    What exchange can we buy this ? Not on Etrade ,Schwab or td ?
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    It's a mystery to me why the price of this coin keeps going up at such a constant and impressive rate. What is the use case for it outside of Binance? What world problem is it solving? There was talk of it being used for payments but Facebook's new crypto should've driven down the price for this thing but it keeps going up.
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    Troy Guillebeaux
    how to buy
  • N
    What's the end game with this one
  • E
    $20 tomorrow
  • M
    Mian Kashif
    sell untill binance let new users in, it will go down to 11 dollars
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    M Z
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    bnb on ,fire fast $20 will be $30 all the way to 100 in 6months
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    Moved a large portion of my crypto assets to this coin. It's consistency in gains can not be denied add to this the growth and dominance of Binance snd there's no reason why the trend would go the other way.
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    I just tripled my ETH to 100ETH on a short with the help of @Bernd_herm on telegram, His signals for Technical Analysis are very accurate, i am so happy still Holding this token.
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    how can you purchased when its closed to new registrations