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    Mr George D. Wales as win remarkable because of his safe trading strategy check him on facebook👉👉 George D. Wales
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    Mis Ricky L. Vazquez Investment platform is well known and people are getting their huge profits @rickyvazquezfx
    Wasap+(1)(4)(1)(5)(8)(7)(8) (6)(9)(3)(1)
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    Thought for the day. Irony - Using a device that transmits inordinate amounts of complex information thousands of miles through thin aid -- via antennas and satellites -- all to convey to others that you "don't trust science."
  • W
    What a year for BAC shareholders. Our investment has almost doubled in 2021, but today, the forces of darkness and evil (insurrection party) kept BAC from delivering a gain for the day. However, the dark side couldn't keep our stock market down! DOW and most other stocks were up nicely!

    Ever since Nov 2020, investors have rallied stocks - - it's been great!
  • a
    FINANCIALS......FINANCIALS.....FINANCIALS. Scary market with banks in the right place.
  • b
    Bank Of America , Keep's On Climbing Up , Look's Like $46.00 , On It's Way To $55.00 , Or Even Higher , GLTA ,
  • I
    Headed below $40 again. Unfortunately, the country has lost all confidence in the current administration and money is moving to the sidelines real quick. Nobody wants to be left holding the bad once these socialist programs get approved and take hold.
  • W
    On this week of thanksgiving, I am thankful that 2021 was such a great year. BAC has almost doubled in the past 52 weeks, and many other stocks have performed even better. Thank you!
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    Thanks to Big Joe, us taxpayers are enjoying a massive profit by selling a small percentage of our country's oil reserve. And let's not forget about the past year's outstanding performance for our BAC stock and most other stocks! Thanks, Big Joe, for your thoughtful stewardship of our democracy! May it thrive forever!
  • D
    I will be buying whatever Nancy Pelosi and her husband invest in. She has more than doubled her net worth this year to over $300 million and all of their investments are winners with great timing
  • B
    $43.82 is now the official 10% correction off the recent high.
  • b
    William , It Look's Like , Here We Go Again , Down , $1.00 , And Soon Up $3.00 , This Is A Great Ride , All Of Our Market's Are Returning Back Up Again , What Did You Expect ? Gold Is Coming Back Up , CRYPTO , Is Returning , Stock's Are Coming Back Up , The Only One's That Got Hurt , Are The People Who SOLD , Buyback In And This Time , Don't Listen To The End Of The World People , Tomorrow , The Sunshine Will Be There Like It Has Been Forever , GLTA ,
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    BAC trading Ex tomorrow. For those who's been selling short you know what you gotta do!
  • R
    Confrontational politics with politicians threatening each other, inflation, smash, and grabs, Covid-19, We are going to be like Haiti very soon.
  • B
    Hard times to predict the market. Year end selling, big stakeholders selling huge amounts of stock to get ahead of possible tax increases in 2022. Covid variant, perception the market is overvalued, but for now, I caution to say yesterday was the low. BAC up from here.
  • W
    The Big Joe B Stock Market Rally continues throughout 2021. Along the way, we have face evil forces from the kooky-but-dangerous insurrection party as they tried desperately to destroy our US infrastructure, but our Big Joe B will have none of their chaotic-evil-doing! Let's send out a big round of applause to The Big Joe B Stock Market Rally in 2021!
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    Tzipora Wiesel
    So, Do you understand what "Frothy" means now? Remember 2 months ago it couldn't keep above $40/share.
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    i have a lot of shares but even as powell starts tapering stock still stuck very slow moving
  • H
    OT: Since 1981, we have badly underinvested in our infrastructure as we turned to private investment to develop our economy. In order to stimulate that private investment, we have focused on cutting taxes on the wealthy, but the promised investment never materialized. Now our bridges are crumbling, and some of our water pipes are still leaching lead into our drinking water (as one example).

    The new law commits $550 billion in new spending, along with monies from other appropriations, to rebuild the hardscape of our infrastructure. It provides:

    $73 billion to upgrade the country’s electrical grid,

    $66 billion for high-speed internet access across the country,

    $47 billion to fight wildfires and protect coastal zones from flooding in the new global climate conditions,

    $21 billion to clean up contaminated rivers and lakes and other polluted sites (including abandoned mines, whose private owners left poisons behind when they left),

    $15 billion to get rid of lead pipes in drinking water,

    $75 billion to build charging stations for electric vehicles, and

    $2 billion to bring transportation to rural areas.

    To accomplish all these things, it will create good jobs across the country.

    I consider it tax dollars better spent than the (tax) freebies given to Wall Street,, the past couple of decades. Don't you? Lord knows as a country we need the focus.

    But the question remains? Are there sufficient "roll up the sleeves let's do this thing" American's out there willing to do the hard work of it? Really? I see a lot of fanny-pack "lights with sneakers" types out there with a lot of braggadocio. But will they, can they, do it? I guess we'll find out.
  • r
    12/3 $50 call options made the top 10 last week. Someone's expecting a big move...