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    AMD's EPYC series processor specifications in X3D package are exposed, with L3 cache capacity up to 768MB

    AMD officially released the third-generation EPYC (7003 series) processor code-named Milan in March of this year. Then, at this year’s Computex 2021 keynote speech, AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su demonstrated the use of 3D vertical cache (3D V- Cache) technology Zen 3 architecture desktop processor. This technology can bring an additional 64MB 7nm SRAM cache for each CCD, and the Zen 3 architecture Ryzen series processors with 3D vertical cache will be put into production later this year.

    It is understood that AMD will also do this on the EPYC series and Ryzen Threadripper series processors. The EPYC processor code-named Milan-X is a product that uses 3D vertical cache technology. Prior to this, suppliers have released the models and OPN codes of individual processors.

    EPYC 7773X processor, its OPN code is 100-000000504, has 64 cores and 128 threads, TDP is 280W. In addition to its own 256MB, the L3 cache also has a stacked 512MB, with a total capacity of 768MB, which is multiplied by three on the original basis. According to the price announced by B2B retailer Zones, the price of EPYC 7773X processor is as high as 10,746.99 US dollars.

    AMD still has not disclosed the EPYC processor code-named Milan-X, and the final release time is uncertain.
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    AMD stock holders are thrilled with the ride for $5 to $105. That gain makes us feel like geniuses. Yet these days the excitement is better than ever. AMD is poised to grow revenue 60% per year for the FORESEEABLE FUTURE. Side by side profits grow 100% per year because AMD is tapping the high margin super computer, Cloud, workstation, thin light laptop markets FIRST. AMD retail stock holders held steady at 30% for three years. Retail even nudged up a half percent recently. Retail is not selling and not going anywhere. Meanwhile institutional shorts are desperate and afraid. They spam the board. They churn the stock. The naked short. They play games with options. The best they can do is buy to cover 3 million shares per week from other clueless "professionals". The Xylinx merger will be announced any day now. By any measure AMD is an under valued $200 stock selling for $105. AMD displays a GIANT cup and handle chart poised for a GIANT breakout all the way to ??? who knows how high? The best part is all an AMD stockholder has to do is wait and double his money this year same as every year!
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    AMD Zen4 architecture super APU first exposure - Very HPC!

    AMD APU is very popular, but it is not only mixed in the low-end market, nor is it only cost-effective. AMD seems to be building a "super APU."

    Earlier, there was a clear message that the AMD Zen4 architecture Ryzen processor will fully integrate the GPU, and it will abandon the existing Vega and use the new RDNA2 architecture.

    Recently discovered that in addition to Ryzen's AM5 interface and EPYC's SP5 interface , the AMD Zen4 family also has a "SH5", which is also a server level, with the internal code name "MI300".

    Such a name is easily reminiscent of Instinct MI300, the next generation accelerated computing card, the successor to the unreleased Instinct MI200, which is said to integrate four GPU chiplets at the same time.

    This may mean that MI300 will no longer be a traditional PCIe expansion card style, but integrated and packaged CPU and GPU. The former is Zen4 architecture, and the latter may be CDNA3 architecture, and then it is placed directly on the motherboard socket. An additional card is required.

    Interestingly, AMD has previously published a paper entitled "Design and Analysis of APU for Exascale Computing", which disclosed a high-performance design that integrates multiple CPU chiplets, GPU chiplets, and HBM. Memory stack.

    This MI300 seems to be the landing of this design. If a chip can reach the scale of tens of billions of calculations, it is enough to surpass the current top supercomputers.
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    Enough is enough. AMD went up a few times after giving another strong quarter earnings report but that is all gone this past several weeks which means it is over sold and it needs to go up. AMD is one impactful diversified company that is transforming the world as we speak but needs your help to move it back up in order for it to reclaim its 52 week high. With that said, we need to take advantage of these low rates before the next quarter earnings is reported next month because by then it will be off to the races once the merger with XLNX is closed this year. Have a nice weekend and stay safe everyone.
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    New opinion article in Seeking Alpha.

    AMD Stock: One Of The Best Secular Growth Plays In The Semiconductor Industry
    Sep. 16, 2021 1:18 PM ETAdvanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD)ASML, INTC, NVDA...1 Like
    AMD has transformed its business and financial profile in the past few years, being now one of the best growth plays in the semiconductor industry.
    Its recent growth has been impressive, driven mainly by its product portfolio that has enabled AMD to report record revenues and earnings.
    It is trading at a lower valuation compared to Nvidia or ASML and my price target is $215 per share by the end-2024.
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    AMD is developing ARM based solutions in secret. AMD has already done a lot of ARM CPU development and product releases. We’ve seen a number of other companies decide to develop their own ARM solution, like Apple is doing. AMD has an inherent advantage in Heterogenic processing.

    What are the chances AMD is still interested in ARM and might be doing one for Apple or at least that would compete with Apple ARM? You know Dr Lisa Su will not let ARM encroach on AMD territory. “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”

    So with that in mind read this transcript of AMD CFO Devinder Kumar at last week's Deutsche Bank Technology Conference,.

    Asked about the competing Arm chips, Kumar said, "But I'll tell you from my standpoint, when you look at compute solutions, whether it's x86 or Arm or even other areas, that is an area for our focus on investment for us."

    "We know compute really well. Even Arm, as you referenced, we have a very good relationship with Arm. And we understand that our customers want to work with us with that particular product to deliver the solutions. We stand ready to go ahead and do that even though it's not x86, although we believe x86 is a dominant strength in that area," Kumar continued.

    AMD will pick up ARM again now that RyZen is established.
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    AMD RDNA 2 GPU may lead in cellphone market?

      Based on some "unconfirmed info":
    (1) Samsung Exynos obtained 200 millions pre-order.
     (2) AMD RDNA 2 Mobile GPU Benchmark could be up to 50% better than A14.
      (3) Apple A15 may have only small improvement advantages compared to A14.
      (4) Vivo Plans To Launch Smartphones with AMD Equipped Exynos Chipset 
     (5) Xiaomi, Oppo may make phones with Samsung’s Exynos chips
     (6) There may be a ‘Samsung surprise’ in new Google phones 

    Even APPL may consuder using it, if Exynos proved to be the best performer?

    Cell phone CPU market alone is huge if AMD can have success like what they did in server market!
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    You All Ready For Quadruple Witching Day? Quadruple Witching occurs every Third Friday of a Calendar Quarter(March,June,September & December). It can be a Sporadic Day, however holders of AMD need to keep their eye on the prize and that is not what AMD does today. What AMD does over the next few quarters is what sets the pace for the conservative $237 1-2023 call.
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    ===HOT 9/14/2021== AMD Set to Soar After Xilinx Acquisition -- Barrons

    By Luisa Beltran

    Advanced Micro Devices, the chip maker long seen as an underdog to rival Intel, doesn't get enough credit for a strategy that is now giving Intel some serious competition.

    That's according to Larry Cordisco, co-lead of the Osterweis Growth & Income Fund, which invests in mid- and large-cap companies and who is very bullish on AMD's (ticker: AMD) prospects.

    Advanced Micro is expected to close its $35 billion purchase of Xilinx (XLNX), a rival chip maker, later this year. When AMD does complete the deal, Cordisco expects AMD to generate about $35 billion of sales by 2024. More importantly, AMDs data center revenue could double this year and hit about $12 billion in 2024, Cordisco said.

    AMD earnings are anticipated to be in the $2.75 to $3 per-share range this year and could shoot up to as much as $7 per share in 2024, he said. (The $7 is dependent on how much AMD management reinvests in the business, Cordisco said.) Net income will likely hit $3.5 billion this year and $11.5 billion by 2024.

    If AMD closes its buy of Xilinx, earnings could hit $4 a share next year on $7 billion of net income, which is 27 times 2022 earnings, he said.

    Advanced Micro is expected to be an "above trend grower for a long period of time," Cordisco said. One of the few things that could stop AMD's progress is if the data center market gets saturated or matures, he said. That's pretty unlikely. "Society is getting more digitized, not less. We're still in the meat of digitization, we're in the fourth to fifth inning of digitizing everything," Cordisco said.

    Not much focus has gone to AMD's long-term roadmap, Cordisco said. Instead, Intel's (INTC) missteps have been credited with generating AMD's growth, he said.

    Founded in 1969, AMD makes semiconductor chips used in computer processing. The Santa Clara, Calif., company has been a second-tier player to Intel for most of its existence. Both Intel and AMD dominate the market for X86 chips, which are used in data centers, laptops, desktops and servers. Intel, however, has had a greater than 90% market share of this X86 for most of the last 30 to 40 years, Cordisco said.

    "That's what made Intel, Intel," he said.

    That began changing when AMD named Lisa Su CEO in October 2014. She outsourced its chip production to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSM). Another big move was AMD's development of "chiplets" -- which separate the server chip into multiple smaller dies -- leading to faster production while lowering manufacturing costs compared to traditional chips.

    The technology allows for AMD's chips to "integrate more seamlessly with other types of chips in the datacenter," Cordisco said. This is a rising requirement for data center customers because they have so many different chips, he said.

    Then there's the Genoa server products, which have 96 cores, and are the latest chiplet architecture from AMD. Users can customize Genoa to do different things, and it's being released now to data center customers, Cordisco said. Genoa will be used to power El Capitan, the world's fastest supercomputer, that is expected to be delivered in 2023. "[Genoa] is expected to be the biggest growth driver of AMD's business over the next 6-12 months," he said.

    This strategy has helped AMD stage a stunning rebound in the last several years. AMD's stock closed at $3.28 on Oct. 8, 2014, the day Su was named CEO of the company. Shares have jumped more than 3,000% since then, recently trading at $103.69 and valuing AMD at about $125.7 billion.

    "Intel won't have anything like a chiplet for one to two years," Cordisco said. "Once you fall behind, the same way AMD fell behind Intel for 30 years, you have to really catch lightning in a bottle."

    Cordisco pointed to the data center as an under-appreciated opportunity for AMD. It is the only company that owns commercial grade X86 chips and GPUs, which are used to process a lot of information.

    AMD is engineering the two chips to work together seamlessly, Cordisco said. "The X86 and GPU interaction is one of the most important and fastest growing workloads in modern data centers," he said. "This GPU-X86 interface is big data processing. It's a big deal."
    He pointed to Nvidia (NVDA), which trades at $220.33, because its GPU powers data centers, Cordisco said. He doesn't think AMD will dethrone Nvidia in the data center market, but he doesn't think AMD is getting any credit for this potential growth segment.
    "GPUs in the data center could be a multi-billion dollar business for AMD and no one talks about that," Cordisco said.
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    Analysts AMD will have 35 Billions in Revenues by 2024. WOW!
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    shortie is back on the horse. trying to keep under 105. just won't learn. Xlnx deal announcement any day now. Let's see who will hold the bag. Target is AMD + XLNX just under $200 billion mcap.
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    AMD & Microsoft Collaborate To Bring TensorFlow-DirectML To Life, Up To 4.4x Improvement on RDNA 2 GPUs.
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    More booster: AMD Prioritizes Server & Notebook CPUs Over Desktop CPUs & GPUs
    By Jason R. Wilson Sep 14, 2021 10:43 EDT
    AMD has shown positive financial growth over the last few years with its focus on personal computer and server market shares. In fact, AMD has seen above 10% of the overall market share of the server markets, especially when they were not on the map for server markets initially. The company has also seen an increase in desktop processors over rival Intel for their Ryzen series.

    AMD To Focus on Server & Notebook CPUs As Top Priority Over Desktop CPUs & GPUs

    AMD re-introduced themselves with their mobile processors with the release of Renoir in 2020 and Cezanne in 2021. The company is now planning to release Rembrandt in early 2022.

    At the Deutsche Bank Technology Summit this year, AMD CFO Devinder Kumar talked about the company's vision over the next several years. During the discussion, he exclaimed that AMD is set to focus on both server and mobile desktops. It is speculated that AMD's Epyc-SP will become more prevalent in the upcoming years along with focus on their mobile market shares.

    Our highest priority is to secure revenue share, so there will be a sequential strategy in terms of products, with server products and mobile processors first, followed by high-end desktop products.

    — Devinder Kumar, AMD CFO

    With the increased need for notebooks for mobility and remote work, as well as the increased needs for server capability, it is no wonder that AMD has switched its focus from GPUs and desktop systems.

    Recently, there has been leaked information that AMD's Rembrandt series started production on a large scale, focusing on the first part of 2022 for release. The upcoming Rembrandt series is the next generation that follows the Ryzen 5000 Cezanne series, with a large change to its GPU (RDNA) architecture.

    It is also speculated that AMD will focus less on the desktop and customizable computer markets, similar to what was put into a plan with AMDs Zen3 processors. However, Intel could still take control of the desktop market with the release of the Alder Lake series towards the end of this year.

    AMD is also planning to launch Zen3D, focusing on not only the consumer but server-level markets with its L3 V-Cache, doubling the amount currently on the market. The focus with Zen3D chipsets will ideally be for gaming, seeing that the market has shifted after 2020.

    With the Big 3 (AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA) relying on TSMC for the supply of the 5nm nodes for the following generational computers and hardware, the market will see the three shooting for the bid of the largest market shares in all categories.
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    Since July 28 (after the blowout earning report) to date (Sept 15th), AMD shares traded approximately 2.8 trillion shares (total) with much higher entry point to new owners! So, it's a no brainer to sell at this low prices. Regardless of how many times these owners bought and sold.
    Another thing, short position is being reduced from 89 million to 65 million in the latest reporting.
    And one more thing, the increased trading volume is done by institutions and not retail investors (not enough money). Enough said. Enjoy the ride AMD LONGS!!!!
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    For those keeping score, AMD closed above $100 for the first time on July 29th and hasn't closed below $100 since then.
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    AMD set to soar after XLNX deal

    Advanced Micro is expected to close its $35 billion purchase of Xilinx (XLNX), a rival chip maker, later this year. When AMD does complete the deal, Cordisco expects AMD to generate about $35 billion of sales by 2024. More importantly, AMDs data center revenue could double this year and hit about $12 billion in 2024, Cordisco said.

    AMD earnings are anticipated to be in the $2.75 to $3 per-share range this year and could shoot up to as much as $7 per share in 2024, he said. (The $7 is dependent on how much AMD management reinvests in the business, Cordisco said.) Net income will likely hit $3.5 billion this year and $11.5 billion by 2024.

    If AMD closes its buy of Xilinx, earnings could hit $4 a share next year on $7 billion of net income, which is 27 times 2022 earnings, he said.
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    Today marks 6 weeks of consolidation in AMD's share price since AMD hit its new ATH of $122.49 on Aug 4. Yesterday, AMD's share price made us all proud by closing in the GREEN even though the markets overall performed poorly. I believe this gives us reason to expect that yesterday could have been the turning point in AMD's stretching towards a new ATH in the near future. KTF, fellow longs, because.....

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    AMD: Confident in Our Suppliers, Set to Grow in 2022.
    By Anton Shilov about 15 hours ago -- Focusing on revenue share.
    AMD revenues have been growing steadily in the past few years. In 2020, the company posted its all-time record revenue of $9.763 billion and, for this year, it recently guided a whopping 60% increase to around $15.5 billion, a goal that is particularly hard to hit amid a chip-supply crisis. Yet, AMD is confident that it will achieve its targets this year and in the coming years because of improved supply, growing demand for server and HPC-grade hardware, and a focus on premium models.

    Continuous Growth
    "We believe that we can continue [this revenue growth], both with the customers on the demand side and also supply [side] with our foundry partners, substrate suppliers, and ATMP [assembly, testing, marking, and packaging] capacity and feel that there is significant room for us to grow out to 2022 and 2023," said Devinder Kumar, chief financial officer of AMD, at Deutsche Bank Technology Conference 2021 (via SeekingAlpha).

    So far this year, AMD's sales have been very strong. The company earned $7.295 billion in the first two quarters of the year and is on-track to hit the goal of growing its revenue by 60% year-over-year.

    To hit its financial targets this year, AMD had to prioritize manufacturing of products it had committed to supply as well as high-margin models, which sometimes means giving up unit share. In fact, AMD gained unit and revenue share in servers and mobile client PCs, but its unit share in desktops dropped in Q2 2021 (even though it has some of the best CPUs these days) as the company focused its production on high-margin server CPUs as well as on mobile processors (which it had committed to supply to PC makers in advance). Meanwhile, the company's unit share on the market of discrete GPUs for desktop and laptop PCs dropped to a multi-year low in Q2 2021.............

    So: Focus on Revenue Share
    Being constrained on wafer processing, substrate supply, and ATMP (assembly, testing, marking, and packaging) capacity levels, AMD realistically cannot significantly increase its unit shipments and win unit share from Intel, particularly on the client side of the market. Therefore, AMD has to focus on revenue share by selling server CPUs as well as premium products instead of cheaper SKUs.

    "We are very focused on revenue share to go ahead and continue growing that because we believe even at the level that we are in right now, we have significantly lower revenue share in terms of where we are going to get to from a revenue share gain in particular with the premium products and the comparative products that we're introducing," said Kumar.

    AMD is quite optimistic about its mid-term future as demand for its products is growing across all segments of the market, including client PCs, datacenters, and supercomputers. In fact, for the first time throughout its history, AMD has very competitive (if not the best CPUs) processors for virtually all major applications. When combined with generally high demand for computers, it is not surprising that the company cannot meet 100% of demand that it faces.

    Given growing demand for everything that computes, AMD's main challenge in the coming quarters and years will hardly be to land additional orders to sell as many parts as possible, but to produce enough chips to meet the growing demand. In the meantime, AMD will focus on increasing its revenue share by selling more expensive components.
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    Quadruple Witching? Who cares? If your are using the market like a roulette wheel understand that the house ALWAYS wins. Stick with a solid company and enjoy the profits. Go AMD! Go Longs!
  • j
    Take advantage of Sept lows. AMD has all the Ducks line Up
    1) AMD has the process
    2) Amd has the Roadmap
    3) AMD has an Excellent CEO
    4) Lisa Su has the Vision/Roadmap
    5) It's already pretty much won the war against INTC
    AMD will be over $130 soon as you know it.