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    Scarlett Johansson Sues Disney Over ‘Black Widow’ Streaming Release.
    Star alleges simultaneous release of the latest Marvel movie in theaters and on Disney+ service was a breach of contract.
    By Joe Flint and Erich Schwartzel.
    July 29, 2021 1:21 pm ET
    "During its July 9 opening weekend, “Black Widow” grossed $80 million at the domestic box office and $78 million overseas, and generated another $60 million from $30 at-home purchases on Disney+. It was the first time Disney broke out a film’s streaming performance in such detail. Disney shares ticked upward on the news that Monday.

    The movie’s theatrical performance fell in the subsequent days more sharply than most Marvel films. Some analysts and executives in Hollywood questioned whether making the movie easy to watch at home was hurting box-office results. The National Association of Theatre Owners, a lobbying group for exhibitors, called the performance “disappointing and anomalous,” and proof that exclusive theatrical releases were the most profitable approach.

    Internally, some executives at Disney worried that an at-home release would tarnish the overall appeal of the Marvel brand, which has produced the biggest offerings in Hollywood over the past several years.

    Disney’s Marvel Studios has had unprecedented success in modern-day Hollywood, releasing 24 titles that regularly collect more than $1 billion in global ticket sales."
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    Motley Stool telling us to sell. I take that as a strong buy.
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    I always have fun and enjoy the bashers and the pumpers. I’m here mostly because of the movement, but I want a payday too. Is it bad that the 600 shares I bought in January were synthetics? I never got any proxy vote materials for any of the 2,000 shares I own, so I imagine all my shares are synthetics, all were purchased before May. While I don’t think this squeeze will get into the thousands, I do believe it will squeeze to get this mess cleaned up.
    I look at the facts from the pumpers and the dumpers, facts say there are a lot of manipulation with this stock…which leads to the question of why? Someone’s hiding something, and it’s not the retail investor. Thanks for listening, stay safe, and as always, stay healthy! Jersey Jimmy
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    Good news for amc earnings won’t really effect the price in the very short term like 2 days, if anything hedge funds will try to crush it if the earnings are slightly better, but it will eventually justify the stock being overpriced and put them in between a rock and a hard place personally I don’t care about the earnings, I just want them to cover their shorts at a really high pricepoint regardless of losses per share.
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    "Take off your tin foil hat! The reported market price _is_ the real price!"

    Nope. No it's not.

    Pet market chameleon, 70% of yesterday's AMC trading volume took place in the dark pools, specifically designed to separate institutional, or block traders, from retail. You really can't make the case that legitimate price discovery is occurring.

    Contrast that against Proctor and Gamble, for instance, for which 25% of yesterday's volume occurred in dark pools.

    I understand the _idea_ supporting a dark pool versus a "lit" market.

    But even when used as intended, a dark pool _does_ prevent fair and equitable pricing for retail investors.

    And even if you still believe in the theoretical value of a dark pool, when you look at actual numbers, it's obvious dark pool privileges are being abused. To _someone's_ benefit.

    But it won't last forever.

    Retail owns the float, and while market makers are allowed to deal in synthetic shares temporarily, they will eventually have to return to the actual number.
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    Whenever Motley Stool comes out with an article, we don't even read it. We just take it as a strong buy signal that they mentioned AMC in the title.
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    Try to figure this twisted math. AMC has a float 500 mil shares, and this year AMC traded 15 bil shares 😱.
    That's like the whole float was traded 30 times. But that doesn't make sense, because us retail hold
    over 80% of the float and we haven't been selling.
    If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably a synthetic share.
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    Everyone! Go comment under robinhood form on yahoo ticker “hood” and say if you’re willing to buy robinhood may as well buy amc it’s basically the same price
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    anything covid or mandate related is fundamentals. this was not bought based on fundamentals and it changes nothing
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    New millionaires minted right here holding and buying more since January not going to sell until max returns love the stock.🚀💰☝️🌙❤️🦍🇺🇸🤠
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    Hey Diamond hand Apes......Please shares my latest findings to ALL AMC Apes on other social media platforms.......Check out the AMC shares that I estimated that were traded in the Off Exchange (dark pool) in JUNE 2021, as relative to the new FINRA May 2021 report............Also, see my Price Target calculations for 3B, 9B, 26B synthetic shares in my previous posts.....

    FINRA May 2021 Dark Pool reported just revealed 1.5B AMC shares traded in the dark pool or about 300% AMC shares traded in the dark pool.  According to chart, there was about 10M F-T-D Shares in MAY 2021......

    Per chart, there were 46.5M F-T-D Shares in JUNE 2021......When Compared the F-T-D shares for May & June, I estimated about about 6.975B AMC Shares were traded in the dark pool in June 2021 or about 1,395% AMC shares traded in the Off exchange.  The FINRA JUNE report has NOT come out yet. These are only my estimates., based on chart. These are only my research and opinions.  Do your own research before investing.
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    twobit geek
    Tomorrow at 4:15pm the Federal Reserve will be PUBLICLY releasing the total derivative exposure numbers of all the biggest domestic AND foreign banks AND their lending clients- INCLUDING Citadel
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    email them.

    I would like to draw your attention to market manipulation activity happening on an industrial scale on range of stocks including AMC listed on US Exchanges by market makers operating in the dark pool.

    Brokerages such as Fidelity which routes retail orders through NYSE reports day in day out the buy orders for AMC outnumbering sell orders by nearly 2 to 1, yet the price has been falling consistently now for the past month. It is falling because brokerages such as Robinhood,TD Ameritrade and Charles Shwab, attracted by payments for order flow, are routing retail orders through dark pool market makers such as Citadel and Virtu which routes sell orders to lit exchanges on receipt and park buy orders in their books; eventually releasing it to lit exchanges as and when it favours them.

    In fact, on option expiry days, you can almost exactly predict to the dime where the price of stocks manipulated in this manner will finish at end of day trading.

    My question to you Sir is: Why is the SEC allowing Citadel and other clearinghouse money makers/broker-dealers to route over 50% of all the AMC retail buy orders to dark pools and sell orders to the market, thus effectively truncating AMC market price?

    United States prides itself as a free fair and competitive market driven economy. However, the above practice appears anything but. It is pure manipulation by and to the benefit of a single entity Citadel, and to the detriment of tens of millions of retail investors. This needs to be investigated and the practice ended as a matter of URGENCY,

    Kind Regards,
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    Ihor Dusaniwsky, managing director at short-selling data provider S3 Partners, told Barron’s he estimates 75.8 million AMC shares are sold short, or roughly 15% of shares available for trading. There has been some covering, as he estimates shares shorted are down by about 4 million over the last week. But with the stock up $8.47 on Tuesday, short sellers were down $642 million in mark-to-market losses on Tuesday alone, bringing the year-to-date losses to $3.82 billion.
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    300 million to 400 million volume tomorrow and more after tomorrow for now on until squeeze is over.
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    HFs returned those 6mil shares they borrowed today, i guess they were just used as a scare tactic. They wont short 6mil shares anyway when the short interest is at 14.4% and market crash coming up... market crash benefits AMC, cause it will trigger margin calls.
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    I'm holding. The more the overall market falls, the less capital hedge funds have to afford their short positions. Once the first few hedge funds begin to cover due to a growing concern many forced liquidations will begin. AMC will have the biggest strongest boom boom candles in history. Well just my opinion not financial advice.
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    In 2020, Citadel Securities was censured by FINRA a total of 19 times for a variety of misconduct, including failing to close failure-to-deliver positions, naked short selling, inaccurate reporting of short sale indicators, executing trades during circuit-breaker halts, and failing to offer its clients best prices on the bid-ask spread
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    Over 10k in shares now bought my last 1200 worth of shares. I did my share of shares up to my fellow APES members I've been here since February 2nd buying all the way up to 43 a share. now it's power hour time close this chapter at $40.01 I can't any more shares im tapped out for a couple of weeks. GLTAA.
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    Trading Sentiment for AMC, 91% Buyers 9% Sellers