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    $AMC will announce $153.03 million in sales for the current fiscal quarter, Zacks Investment Research reports. Three analysts have issued estimates for AMC Entertainment’s earnings, with the lowest sales estimate coming in at $137.20 million and the highest estimate coming in at $178.50 million.I am so glad i found trade-ideas. Helps traders find the best setups in the market right now
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    AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. (NYSE:$AMC) started trending Thursday, most likely after the stock gapped higher. Recent policies and rhetoric could help encourage the public to return to their normal leisure time routines sooner, which could help attendance rise further at AMC theaters. If you’re looking for a watchlist covering the great stock setups every day before the open, I recommend They send daily set ups and its free. It’s a great way to pick out potential trades for the day.
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    Apes need to understand that if you bought AMC stock year and sell during the squeeze (assuming this year) your profits are taxed as income. Why? Because you held it for less than one year. If you luck out and make a boat load, lets say 1M then you will be on the hook for 37% as it is currently written. Essentially, you are taxed at IRS income brackets which are (0%, 12%, 22%, 24%, 32%, 35% and 37%). Now if you hold if for more than one year (why tf wouldn't you sell during the squeeze ???) then you are taxed at capital gains rates (0% 15% or 20%). This is not financial advice, but I plan on selling all shares during the squeeze whenever that will be (do it on the way down for max potential) and then reinvest some money back into AMC when it levels out. We love AMC so do them a solid....

    Bidens tax plan has NOT passed and might not. Dont worry about it too much, it really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things for AMC. Lets concentrate on getting to the moon then worry about taxes.

    Hope this helps clarify things

    Ape Matt
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    They cannot hold this stock back. With what happened today in the markets we should be as low as $9 or so, maybe even in the $8s. They are going to get crushed tomorrow if the shares to borrow remains at 0.

    5 million or so shares will have to be put aside and not allowed to be borrowed because $10 calls are near the money. Those shares can not be used tomorrow by shorts.

    And we still dont know if one small hedge is going to get margin called or is gonna close out their short position and try to go long for the ride.

    Tension is building, Clock is Ticking We are in the drivers seat.
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    LOL capital gains taxes tank the market. But retailer investors don't care because either way it is more money than they would have ever hand their hands on in a lifetime. Go ahead tax my millions. I will just feel lucky to be in that conversation.
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    AMC Entertainment (AMC) Stock Will Fly

    AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc (NYSE: AMC) is a stock that has become the black sheep of Wall Street as of late, with article after article, warning investors that they should stay away from the stock at all costs.

    But how did one of the most successful movie theaters in the world become the black sheep of Wall Street? Was it COVID-19? You would think, but no!

    The fact is that short sellers have been passing around a silver platter filled with bovine feces and telling investors that it’s quality due diligence. They have convinced even the experts that AMC stock is going to fall to zero. They’ve urged retailers to stay away, all while their short positions resulted in significant losses for the very investors that they say their reports are designed to protect.

    Well, I’m going to get quite a few experts upset with me here, but the fact of the matter is that you can’t blindly follow names like Citron and Hindenburg research, like many covering AMC stock have been doing.

    The War Wages On

    Recently, retail investors have shown they’ve had enough of the hedge fund manipulation through short positions that rob small investors of the value in the stocks they care about. The war became clear when GameStop went for a tremendous run for the top, essentially becoming the figurative symbol that retail investors painted on their chests before going to war.

    Since, we’ve seen short squeezes on several stocks, and in my view, it’s just the beginning.

    AMC Is The Next Battleground

    The tension between the bears and the bulls is heating up when it comes to AMC stock. To be fair, I’m going to outline both arguments here:

    The Bears

    The bears have a relatively simple argument. They argue that movie theaters in general have been losing their luster over the years, and that the COVID-19 pandemic will be the final nail in the coffin for these businesses.

    Moreover, the bears say that while various movie theaters are opening back up, fears surrounding COVID-19 will keep sales at a minimum, ultimately handing these companies a financial weight that none of them will be able to hold up.

    Ultimately, the bears say that at the moment, we’re experiencing the death of movie theaters as we know it, and that if you invest in these companies, companies like AMC, you’re going to experience losses.

    The Bulls

    I want to be very clear here, if I haven’t been already. I am a believer in movie theaters. Moreover, I’m a believer in AMC and the company’s ability to rise from the ashes like the phoenix and that those with short positions should stop spreading smut about this opportunity.

    So, what’s the deal?

    The real deal here is simple. Movie theaters are an iconic form of entertainment that aren’t going anywhere any time soon. In fact, I believe that we’ll soon see a big uptick in revenue among movie theaters for two very big reasons, and that AMC will be a prime beneficiary of this activity. Here’s why:

    COVID Could Actually Revive The Movie Theater Experience. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers have been stuck at home. As vaccines get jabbed into arms, consumers aren’t just more willing to get out of the house, they will have a strong desire to do so. After all, it’s a whole new, and for the vaccinated, safe world out there. Why not explore again? With the movie theater experience being an iconic one in the United States, movies and dinner will likely become a major date night plan yet again. So, while short sellers say COVID will kill theaters, I say it has the potential to breathe new life into them.

    Summer Is Coming. Consumers being willing to travel couldn’t come at a better time for the movie theater industry. Summer is the time when the biggest blockbuster releases come, and with summer just around the corner and vaccines finding their ways into arms, there’s a strong chance that we’re going to see a significant boost in revenue among movie theaters.

    Beyond the fact that movie theaters are likely to make a big comeback very soon, the company is sitting on a solid financial foundation. Even through all the pain, AMC has plenty of cash on the balance sheet, with the CEO telling investors that the company has no plans to sell a single newly issued share in 2021. That’s a strong statement from a company that bears say can’t afford to survive.

    The Next Battle Is Coming Soon

    I recently wrote a post about a short squeeze that’s likely coming to AMC stock, and it was met with quite a bit of feedback from both sides of the coin. I got praised and cursed tens of times throughout the day. It’s clear that emotions surrounding the stock are high, and those high emotions are likely to lead to explosive movement.

    Chances are, that movement will be in the upward direction.
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    15 to 23 cents up is what we need today minimum. If we achieve that, 56,182 Options are ITN or NTM. Brokers or funds or whoever is offering those options, need to have those shares available and ready in the event people exercise those options, that would basically remove 5.6 million shares from overall availability for a few days. Getting past 10.50 somehow would also add another 30,100 options to in or near the money.

    $10 = 5.6 million shares off the market for a few days
    $11 = 8.7 million shares off the market for a few days

    This is why options can cause a gamma squeeze and quite easily at this point.
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    The Theory has been proven, today Motley stool published article about how people should be pay attention to dogecoin rally and get engaged in it, it shows that dogecoin rally was a pure tactic from hedge fund to distract people from putting money in stock market and buying more AMC ,GME and etc.. it was obvious that dogecoin rally happened of no where, for no reason, simply HF bought huge stake in dogecoin, it driven price up, the whole people saw 🤑🤑🤑🤑 fast good money there so they sold the market and went there, but indeed such tactics will not let AMC real keen holders to sell their shares so the price didn't drop to their target, GOOD LUCK FOLKS, we are in a battle with people who can sell their families and kids but not to loss money 💰
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    I'm going to sell 4 of my Tesla shares today and buy more AMC. Will be left with 26 Tesla shares now.
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    Mr wolf
    LISTEN HERE. VERY IMPORTANT. Whales are starting to load up on amc. Today another whale jumped on board acquiring 64k shares. Initiative equity partners. WE ARE NOT ALONE.
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    remember CGT ( capital gains tax) is only on the money you gained not your initial investment. you will still make money. why panic ?. would you rather have the initial $100 or the initial $100 + the money you made from the investment. just think on that.
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    When the squeeze happens we must all in unity refrain from selling too early!
    A likely scenario will be that this runs up to 20-30$ quickly at first (gamma Squeeze).
    The HF will hope that many will sell there.
    Here the true test will come, people need to HOLD to force the true Squeeze and boom we will see 100$-200$. Now here is the massive test, if we continue to HOLD 1-2K is possible. If we stay strong and continue to HOLD, 10k or even a ridiculously epic price of 100k is possible. It is in our hands when it happens. So what is the best strategy? The strategy is to sell on the way down not on the way up.
    Make no mistake the HF will fight tooth and nail to get you to sell, running it up and try to short it down again and again... we need to stay strong and this can be life changing.
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    Hedgies running out of steam bigtime. Lowest Volume day in months, we drove price way up, and hedgies could only short 7 million shares yesterday? That speaks volumes
    Date Shorted Volume Short percentage
    2021-04-21 7,690,403 16,477,006 46.7 %
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    Robert - #AMC2K
    REMEMBER - PLEASE BUY THE ASK. That's how we will continue to apply pressure on the Share Price. Buying the dips doesn't get us where we need to go.

    Ask yourselves this: When the share price is $1000, it is going to matter if you bought at 10:35 or $10.50?
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    Just wanted to add some data from Ortex:

    These are my personal opinions based on numbers and the current sentiment surrounding this stock.

    The utilisation is at 99.97%. This is indicative of all shares that available to be lent out via lending programs have in fact been lent out. Days to cover is currently 0.88 but should be higher considering the volume used to calculate this is the average over the last 3 months: so including the February spike we saw. Excluding this outlier from this measure would increase days to cover, which as we know is an indication of how many days it would take shorts to cover their positions, give this volume. The cost to borrow has increased by almost 100% over the last 7 days, this cost represents the average annualised % interest rate charged by prime brokers to their clients: e.g. Hedge funds.

    Also, looking at the chart of the various SI measures on Ortex (you can all go make an account valid for a week before being charged), you'll notice that these measures have never been as high as they are now.

    I personally think that if pressure is kept on this stock via retails buying and holding, once the cost to borrow increases (which can happen dramatically in an exponential fashion), we should see a pop.

    I am personally heavily invested in AMC stock and call options.
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    Look for AMC to end today at $11.03. Sorry to those planning on shorting the stock- aint gonna happen with such large volume today!
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    Mr. Green
    Days to cover on Ortex is currently 0.91. days. But check this out.

    Days to cover is a calculation using the current shares on loan divided by the AVERAGE daily volume.


    AMC has an average volume of around 160 million right now. This is highly skewed by the hundreds of millions of shares traded back in January and February. If you look at the recent trading days, AMC has volume of 20-50 million.

    Let’s be conservative and say the actual median volume is 50 million. Days to cover would now be over 3 DAYS... OVER 3 DAYS.


    Short positions are HIGHLY difficult to cover at the moment, and AMC has lower implied volatility than it has in the past.

    Buy AMC.
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    So I recently switched over to Reddit to learn more about AMC than just what’s visible here. I’m bullish AF so keep that in mind but it looks like a lot of people on here are skeptical about a price of 1k +...

    I’d recommend getting off of this board and reading DD threads on Reddit from people much smarter than me that make the case for why it’s not only possible, but likely. So yeah, just my 0.02, if you’re new here and are getting scared off by the bears in this forum, hop on over to Reddit and see what others have to say. Thanks all!
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    What is "days to cover." Well here's the answer and why it is important that we all get educated on "days to cover".

    ****Days to cover is a temporal indication of the short interest in a company's stock. Days to cover is calculated by taking the quantity of shares that are currently sold short and dividing that amount by the stock's average daily trading volume. A high days-to-cover measurement can signal a potential short squeeze.

    It's important for each long investor to be educated on this by listening to the share count that will be coming out.
    Examples: If AMC has 1 billion short shares, and we trade 50 million a day the days to cover is 20.00
    If AMC has 1.25 billion short shares and we trade 250 million shares a day DTC is 5.0 days.
    If AMC has 750 million short share. and we trade 500 million shares a day DTC is 1.5days.
    This is why everybody needs to be tight fisted with their shares to make the HF's pay up. Have to keep the volume low to get the most effective squeeze possible. Let's make them pay for years and years of abusing the retail investors and scamming us with all their privileged self preserving laws and rules.

    Focus, discipline and hold tight.
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    Ring ring. A this is margin calling. You have 45 billion naked shorted shares that we must have back by Friday. You are currently paying 25% interest on those shares. Along with the shares we'll need a check for 10 billion to pay that interest.
    Thanks for your business.