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    this reminds me of apple or Microsoft in the early stages, I bought appl in 99, should have held. used my gains to pay for my honeymoon, looking back I could have financed 10 days in Hawaii, paid it off in 3 months, kept my stock and I'd be in the 10+ millions today. so my near 100k ada will remain staked for 5 years, I won't make this mistake twice. if it's at $50 in t yrs I get my $4.5m. and that's probably a conservative look out. I'll take it!! Now go ada, change the world!!!!
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    Cartoon boy
    It’s easy to verify the team’s work by activity on GitHub. Cardano wins this statistic almost every month. People see technological progress and this is one of the many reasons why they trust the project. Big investors like to bet on new technologies in emerging markets. As in other areas of investing, early investment brings profit.

    Can anyone today, at this point, estimate the future potential, the adoption rate, or the number of countries that will adopt Cardano? This is essentially impossible. 10 years ago, no one thought a state would adopt a cryptocurrency. Cardano was the first project to succeed. Ethiopia adopted this project to build its national infrastructure. People will have their identity on the blockchain. This is the first step for further financial opportunities. Bitcoin achieved similar success and became legal tender in El Salvador.
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    “A bright future for Cardano?
    While ADA might be dropping in price, the future of Cardano looks fairly bright. The upgrades have boosted the network’s capabilities, and developers are taking to it. Certainly, there has been a newfound interest in developing on the Cardano network.
    There has been a noticeable uptick in DeFi-related developments on Cardano. Ardadex became the first DEX and NFT marketplace on Cardano, and COTI is issuing a new stablecoin on the network. A new lending protocol, ADALend, will also become a major part of the ecosystem.
    A large part of Cardano’s success will come from the strength of its ecosystem. It seems well prepared to serve at least as a viable alternative to Ethereum” .
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    Cartoon boy
    Why am I accumulating, If we examine market capitalization, we see a very similar picture. Bitcoin has approximately only twice the market capitalization of Ethereum. Cardano has approximately 10 times less market capitalization than Bitcoin and 5 times less market capitalization than Ethereum. These are not some fundamental differences. When you consider that institutions, banks, large companies, and now even the first state are investing heavily in Bitcoin, these are beautiful results for a smart contract platform. Moreover, Ethereum is in the crosshairs of big investors as well, Cardano is just at the beginning of its journey in this regard.CH & team can take it’s sweet old time to get it right
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    Just relax and have diamond hands. This has happened many times. It's always true that this time might different. Especially with the trajectory ADA has been on. We all know this space still mostly runs off of hype though. And we can pretty much bank on ADA becoming hypey again. And at least with ADA the hype is always based off of something tangible.
  • a
    You will make way more money buying Dogecoin in short run due to its cheaper so you can buy more. In long run cardano probably wins but you have to spend a lot more. Cardano is flawed in a lot of ways but eventually issues will be ironed out. I’m not touching cardano with a ten foot pole until smart contracts functions are fixed!
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    Of all the stock advice services I have used, I find ( to be one of the absolute best! Their advice is well researched, helpful, and up to date. I don’t know how I ever went about day trading without reading their newsletter first!
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    Ghost and The Darkness
    I think this is on the path to big things and a LOT higher price from here. Frustrating watching it these past couple months but I am in it for the long term so I see this as just an opportunity to buy more at a better price.
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    Decentraland (MANA)
    Metaverse tokens have been flying this year -- even more so after Facebook announced it would rebrand as Meta. It's hardly surprising that the leading virtual 3D world's token has outperformed Ethereum with an increase of over 4,600%. Players can use MANA to pay for goods and services in Decentraland, and also buy and develop land there.
    Mind you, given that Decentraland is currently built on Ethereum's ecosystem, it could be argued that a win for MANA is also a win for ETH. Sell fast this cardano joker coins you have still time do it what I did and you will be 100 % happy
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    “Cardano: 704,000 average monthly searches
    The third cryptocurrency generating a boatload of buzz is Cardano (CRYPTO:ADA). You'll note that the 704,000 average-monthly searches Cardano generates in the U.S. are only about a tenth of the interest shown toward Dogecoin. But unlike Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, Cardano offers real-world potential.
    Arguably the best aspect of Cardano has been the transparency of its development team and the clearly defined steps being taken to improve speed, function, security, governance, and scalability. For instance, the Shelley upgrade that took place in late July 2020 increased the number of nodes network participants could run, which led to rapid scaling. In less than a year, Cardano went from handling 2,000 transactions daily on its blockchain to more than 100,000.
    Two months ago, the much-anticipated Goguen update took place. Goguen is key because it introduces smart contracts to the network. Similar to Ethereum, these smart contracts will allow developers to create financially focused and nonfinancial decentralized applications.
    Up next will be the Hydra upgrade, which is focused on boosting scalability. For some context, Ethereum is currently processing around 13 transactions per second (TPS). Cardano hit approximately 250 TPS four years ago and could theoretically make a run at 1,000,000 TPS following the launch, testing, and scaling of Hydra. 
    There's real long-term potential here, and crypto investors have a reason to be excited.”
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    I think most people who are upset about ADA not yet on the moon are traders who would like to see more volatility. Sure if it goes up 200% in one smooth one-year-long move, you well... earn 200% on your lunch money. What they are looking for is up and down 10% day on day so that you can make 200% profit in couple of days. Bad news for ye all: 70% ADA being staked makes it a wee bit too stable for your liking.
    Because this is how I see ADA, I invest in it (aka buy ADA and hold it long term), I do not trade it.
    I trade other stuff and if you are curious, take a look at MASK. It does have potential, it is low market cap, and huge volatility. Talking about 30% up and down swings that seem to come and go in regular waves. All profit I make there, guess what, goes to buy more ADA.
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    Cartoon boy
    Take your time CH & Team , I can wait. Cardano has gained more than 1,200% over the past year, but it's recently started to sink. It's not clear why, although the market cap is already bloated. Most recently, it was delisted from the eToro trading platform, which sparked a further decline. Many cryptocurrencies have started to decline over the past few weeks, likely due to general market movements.

    Cardano offers more utility than Shiba Inu, for example, but it's hard to say what the intrinsic worth of the token is when its assets are limited and it operates on a completely digital platform. With cryptocurrency, the value of the token is generally whatever the market assigns it, whether based on hype or real-world import. That's in contrast to stocks, which typically have value based on assets, revenue, earnings, or other more quantifiable factors.

    However, Cardano does offer more value than other tokens due to its platform's potential to have real-world impact. And as it scales and improves, more users are likely to join or increase their usage. So back to the original question: Can Cardano hit a $500 billion market cap by 2025? I don't have a crystal ball, but I think it certainly can.
  • j
    New covid-19 fears, markets are in panic. Be prepared to see BTC in the 40k's and ADA will be lucky to be above 1.20 usd. If BTC dumps so will ADA. Do your homework guys, you been warned. I want to the bull market and see ADA 5 USD but, that seems to be a few months off, I'm not a financial advisor.
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    I didn’t add but held all my ADA. I genuinely don’t want to miss out. If it gets to this time next year and it’s so slow that I break even (only down 700) then I’m willing to risk it and lose it all. ADA come on let’s get back to 2.5 range !!
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    I’m long but I’m worried I’m going to lose my investment before it goes back up. Like I don’t even know where the bottom is yet, just keeps falling harder after a day or two of jumps. The most worrying thing for me is that during the bullish period when every crypto was going up, this didn’t budge at all but went completely opposite. Now with the new covid variant, I’m expecting this to plummet further. ADA needs to show its investors some sign of life !
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    RSI is at 27, this is way oversold. Also given that big projects are launching soon, I wouldn‘t be surprised if there‘s a supply shock soon.
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    Alpha C
    Who da F cares about Etoro? Bring it down a little further and I’ll back up the truck. Long and strong
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    Cartoon boy
    Messari collects on-chain data so we can explore it. As you can see, at the time of writing, Cardano carries more value than Ethereum and is second behind Bitcoin. The Bitcoin network has transferred $15B, Cardano $9B, and Ethereum $7B.
    Gain an edge over the crypto market with professional grade data, tools, and research.
    Gain an edge over the crypto market with professional grade data, tools, and research.
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    I almost can’t believe Cardano isn’t at $2.00 minimum.