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Checking In: Unique Airbnb Picks of the Week

Is there anywhere more exotic-feeling than the heart of a rainforest? (Victoria Reay/Flickr)

Checking in: Unique Airbnb picks of the week

It’s no secret that rainforests are vanishing. They once covered 14 per cent of the planet, but now only cover 6 per cent, and the outlook for the future isn’t much better.

You’ll never find a hotel in the heart of the rainforest, but there are other ways you can experience their natural wonder before they’ve completely disappeared.

This week, we look at some of the most unique places you can stay inside a rainforest. Visit one of these homes in Nova Friburgo, Brazil, Ucuelet, Canada or Rawang, Malaysia for a taste of living in one of the rarest habitats on Earth.