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Zendesk Celebrates 25,000 Users Worldwide, Enjoys Strong Asia Growth


Today cloud-based customer service solution provider Zendesk has announced that it now has more than 25,000 customers around the world. And the company is pointing out that over the next year it hopes that an increasing percentage of its users will be from the Asia region. We’re told that in 2012, the service enjoyed 150 percent year-on-year growth for the Asia region, which is pretty good considering that the company only established APAC operations back in July of 2011. Zendesk’s vice president and managing director in the Asia Pacific region, Michael Hansen, says they are approaching a regional milestone for the company, explaining “We are on track to hit 1,000 Asian customers by March and we want to see that number grow significantly by the end of the year and beyond.” That’s still just around four percent of its global customer base, but given the company’s increased focus on Asia, we can expect this to grow in 2013. Of course, this doesn’t include the 1,500+ customers that Zendesk has in Australia and New Zealand. When we interviewed Michael Hansen back in September, he pointed out that Zendesk is hoping to make progress in Japan as well. The company established an office there back in May. Meanwhile its progress in India has been solid, doubling its customer base, and boasting prominent clients such as e-commerce giant Homeshop18. In 2012 Zendesk raised $60 million in funding in order to help drive global expansion, including the afore-mentioned efforts in the Asia region. It also opened an APAC development center in Melbourne which is expected to create 20 new jobs by the end of this year. For more general information on how Zendesk fared over the past year, you can check out their ‘2012 highlights’ infographic below.
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