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You won't believe how many Singaporeans indulge in personal tasks during work hours

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77.1% confess that they are guilty.

According to a JobsCentral survey, 3 in 4 workers surf non-work-related websites during office hours. While most company policies have rules defining the usage of office computers, more than three-quarters (77.1%) of the respondents admitted to spending time on personal activities during work hours.

Here's more from JobsCentral:

However, results show that 45.6% of the employees surveyed spend no more than an hour every day in the office on personal Internet use. 26.7% said they only use it for 1-3 hours; 3.3% said they use it for 3-5 hours, and 1.4% said they spend more than 5 hours in the office using the Internet for non-work activities.

“Employees have to be careful about using work time to do non-work related activities. It is often a violation of employment terms and could result in severe consequences especially if done excessively. Most managers are tolerant of their staff surfing non-work-related websites during office hours as long as it’s done minimally and work performance does not suffer,“ says Michelle Lim, COO of JobsCentral Group.

Interestingly, individuals with higher gross monthly salaries appear to spend less of their work time on the Internet for personal use. Nearly three in four (72.3%) of the respondents who earn more than $7000 per month professed that they spend little (less than one hour) to no time online surfing non-work-related sites.

This is compared to 71.9% of those earning between $5000 and $7000, 69.5% of those who earn between $3000 and $5000 and 66.7% of those who earn less than $3000 per month, who admitted to it.

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