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Why Learning How to Code Could Be Your Best Investment in 2021

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Why Learning How to Code Could Be Your Best Investment in 2021
Why Learning How to Code Could Be Your Best Investment in 2021

Even if you’re not an IT expert, having coding skills can get you far. Digital literacy is on the rise and many jobs will require at least a rudimentary understanding of how to code. It has become such an integral part of every business, whether it’s a software company or a clinic, there will never be a shortage of demand for coding skills. That said, can you imagine how impressive coding would look on your resume?

How to get started on coding and add it to your resume.

What is coding?

Coding is the framework from which every digital process runs. This can be everything from the company email to the brand website to an internal management platform. It runs our apps, programs, websites, and more. Since most companies have turned to digital due to the pandemic, it’s safe to say that every company relies on coding in one way or another.

Coding encompasses knowing and understanding the languages of computer technology. The more you know, the more valuable your skills. Most people understand the basics of HTML, as taught in school, but HTML only tackles the surface of coding—literally. In layman terms, HTML dictates the appearance of a website, but not how it runs. That function belongs to JavaScript, Python, SQL, PHP, C++, and much more.

How can you use coding in your work?

Even the most basic understanding of coding can benefit those in non-coding jobs. For example, if you’re a marketing specialist or social media manager, you can use coding to fix text errors that appear on your website. If you’re a content producer, you can use code to add hyperlinks to your articles.

Looking to code in your gigs? You could level up your coding knowledge to start an online business and branch into e-commerce with your own website. If your skills are up to par, you could even start a freelance career as coding is a skill that’s always relevant.

What jobs can I get with coding?

Full-time job posts that require coding skills are always in heavy supply. Some careers in coding include programmers, web developers, mobile application developers, computer systems engineers, database administrators, computer systems analysts, software quality assurance engineers, and so much more.

Meanwhile, another branch of coding careers is also on the rise concerning coding and in-depth data analysis. As data becomes more and more valuable, jobs posts for big data engineers, data scientists, and business intelligence analysts are also becoming popular.

Online coding courses in Singapore

JobStreet has partnered with FutureLearn, a UK-based digital education platform, to offer candidates an opportunity to develop their technical and transferable skills.

free online course
free online course

FutureLearn’s coding course pack includes a comprehensive course list that will make you a coding aficionado in no time:

  • Understanding quantum computers

  • Defensive programming and debugging

  • Teaching physical computing with Raspberry Pi and Python

  • Object-oriented programming in python: create your own adventure game

  • Programming for everybody (getting started with python)

  • Introduction to web development

Ready to ramp up your coding skills and add it to your resume? Sign up for your free FutureLearn course now! There are only 100,000 slots available until May 31, so get going! After completing your course, don’t forget to update your resume and include your coding skills on your JobStreet profile.

At JobStreet, we believe in bringing you #JobsThatMatter. As a Career Partner, we are committed to helping all jobseekers find passion and purpose in every career choice. And as the number 1 Talent Partner in Asia, we connect employers with the right candidates who truly make a positive and lasting impact on the organisation.

Discover Jobs That Matter. Visit JobStreet today.

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