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Travelogy Partners with TripFlick to Launch ComeSingapore

Emily Goh

It has been recently announced that two Singapore-based startups, Travelogy and TripFlick, have partnered to create a useful tourist mobile app named ComeSingapore. The mobile app is currently available for Android, and is targeted at travellers before and during their visit to Singapore, encompassing features such as trip planning and a travel guide. ComeSingapore is powered by TripFlick’s semantic recommendation platform, which helps to generate intelligent travel itineraries that take into account the operating hours and distances of the various attractions, as well as the location of users. By filling in preferences and trip details such as trip duration, accommodation, trip pace, and purpose, users will receive personalized itinerary recommendations of attractions and restaurants in addition to receiving information on the mapped route. This clever summary includes things like the cost of commuting, and reviews of the attractions to help you decide whether to go or not.   The partnership kicked off when founders of the respective companies met during a local startup event and agreed on the collaboration before their drinks ran out. Winnie Tan, the founder of Travelogy, mentioned that when both parties started talking, they were initially a little guarded as it was not clear whether they were competitors. However, both founders hit it off well and realized there could be a lot of synergy between the two products. Winnie adds:

Too often do startups promise to do something together at networking events without making things happen. We decided to overlook the ‘what-is-in-it-for-us’ and just focused on creating something that will be useful to our users.

ComeSingapore App is currently available for free on Google Play.