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TouchTen Brings Prizes to its Loyal Gamers with Gimmie Tie-Up

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Indonesian game developer TouchTen has announced today that the startup has made an exclusive partnership with Singapore-based loyalty app Gimmie. At the same time, the game developer revealed that its popular game Train Legend has rolled into the top five among free apps on the US iTunes App Store.

Previously aiming mostly for overseas markets with its games, now Touchten is keen to monetize the games in its homeland, Indonesia. The partnership with Gimmie is for exactly that purpose. TouchTen COO Anton Rokimas Soeharyo explains the challenge for local developers:

PayPal users and credit card holders are rare. Revenues for showing ads are low, and direct carrier billing with telcos involves them taking the lion’s share of revenue.

By partnering with Gimmie, now users can rack up points by playing any TouchTen games - and then redeem those points from a selection of prizes, such as for a discount voucher (see screenshots below). CEO Anton Soeharyo told us that TouchTen will earn money every time its users do things like using the aforementioned vouchers at a merchant’s store. He said that we can expect big food and beverage retail chains to participate in the near future.

This partnership also makes a lot of sense because those two startups are backed by the same investor, Ideosource.

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At the same time, Train Legend (pictured below) has officially replaced Infinite Sky as the startup’s flagship game in the US. According to AppAnnie, Train Legend broke into the top five overall free app section in the US three days ago, while ranking first in the arcade category at the same time. Train Legend has also had great reception in Canada. Infinite Sky’s biggest success in the US was to reach the top eight overall spot for free apps.

TechCrunch reports that TouchTen now has about five million users from all of its games. Furthermore, the startup has gathered around 500,000 monthly active users in the past seven months. The game developer recently released its newest game, Cute Kill, which lets users control a baby who’s killing chasing zombies.

Train Legend is available free on iOS and Android.

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