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Top 7 Alternative Sports To Try In Singapore

Lynette Tan

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Doing sports in Singapore doesn't have to be boring. For those who haven't touched any rackets or worn a pair of running shoes for the longest time, getting down to being active again can be really difficult. If the image of bodybuilders in gyms and slim runners on the treadmill scares or bores you, we at suggest that now may be the right time for you to check out some alternative sports in Singapore.

While the usual popular activities like swimming, badminton or jogging, are good for your body, it doesn't hurt to explore some alternative sports. Who know, you might start enjoying one or some of them and have a brand-new pastime. Here are the top 7 choices of alternative sports that don't require a gym. We hope that you'll get excited by the idea of having some fun and burning some calories at the same time!

Top 7 Alternative Sports In Singapore

1. Pole Dancing

Image source: Slap Dance Studio

If you link pole dancing to images of sleazy bars and an audience of drunken men, you're definitely out of touch with one of the hottest alternative sports in Singapore.

With classes filled with women from all sizes and ages and from all walks of life, you'd be amazed that these sexy classes actually get you abs of steel.

If you've seen videos of these strong dancers doing all sorts of acrobatic moves and think that you can't possibly do any of them, take heart that you do not need any kind of background in gymnastics or acrobatics.

Bring your guts and lose your inhibitions and as you progress up the levels, you'll find that you don't only leave those watching panting, you'd probably leave yourself breathless too!

Where to do it: Slap Dance Studio

2. Bossaball

Image source: Bossaball Singapore

Bossaball is an alternative lifestyle sport which combines elements of volleyball, soccer and acrobatics. It is played on a huge inflatable trampoline and there are two teams on either side of the net.

What adds more fun to this innovative sport is that it is usually played to energetic music so that it creates a carnival-like atmosphere.

With the trampoline, you will be able to defy gravity and spike down the ball from a height without fear of injury.

Where to do it: Bossaball Singapore

3. Gymnastics

Image source: GymKraft

Is gymnastics your favourite sport to watch during the Olympic games? If you've always dreamt of performing gymnastics but are put off by the fact that you didn't start at a young age, there's a way for you to do it now!

While you may find many gymnasiums catering to kids, some players in the market do realise that adults would like to have fun with handstands and backflips too.

It's a great sport to train the entire body - balance, agility, flexibility, strength and coordination.

Where to do it: GymKraft

4. Stand Up Paddling

Image source: SUP School

Want a sport where you can sun tan at the same time, have a bit of fun on the water and something that challenges you as well?

Welcome to the world of stand-up paddling, where participants stand atop a board on water and paddle themselves forward in the open waters.

Like most kinds of sports that require you to stabilise yourself on a board, you develop core strength with all that balancing and it also builds up your arm power while paddling against the currents.

Where to do it: SUP School

5. Surfset

Image source: Surfset Singapore

If you love surfing but don't like the sun, then Surfset studio is made for you. Surfset is Singapore's first indoor surf studio and enables you to simulate a surf workout indoors.

The studio is packed with specially designed surfboards that are purposely made to be unstable so that you get to activate your core muscles while staying “afloat”.

Try out the beginner class to get a hang of balancing on the boards and work up a bit of a sweat before progressing to more advanced levels for a higher intensity workout.

Where to do it: Surfset Singapore

6. Muay Thai

Image source: Strike Combat

Muay Thai is no longer considered new to the fitness community here. In recent years, there's been commercial gyms devoted to mixed martial arts and Muay Thai training sessions, with many Singaporeans even choosing to go to Thailand for Muay Thai boot camps.

While you may not appreciate the violence and fighting associated with martial arts, take heart that most of these gyms or trainings do not involve you breaking an arm or going home with a black eye.

Most are there to simply work up a sweat and build up a stronger body. Indeed, some sessions of sparring and pad work with instructors definitely beat the monotony of going for a solitary run.

Where to do it: Strike Combat

7. Aerial Yoga

Image source: Platinum Yoga

Are you already a yoga master who is able to do your Astavakrasana or Reverse Star in Scorpion without batting an eyelid?

Is going to your yoga classes becoming a bit of a yawn to you? Then perhaps it's time to take your yoga up a notch - moving from the ground to doing it in the air. Yes, we are talking about aerial yoga.

Floating more than 3 feet above the ground. Aerial yoga combines traditional yoga with acrobatic movement and postures, all done with the help of a piece of fabric.

Other than giving you the traditional benefits of yoga, aerial yoga also helps to bring up the fun factor and bring your “stretchability” to the next level.

Where to do it: Platinum Yoga

Money Saving Tips

You can save money on your alternative sports classes by using a credit card that offers rewards or cashback to pay for your lessons.

You can use the cashback you earned to get a cheaper flight for your next holiday or to treat yourself to a delicious healthy meal after all your working out!

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