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Get a Taste of Burpple's Brand-New Android App

Steven Millward
Burpple Android app

It has been nine months since I first wrote about the foodie app Burpple, and in that time the Singapore-based startup has had a rapid and calorie-filled journey. Now it has hit a new milestone with the launch of Burpple for Android, today landing on Google Play to accompany its iOS iteration.

The Android version comes with all the things you need to find great places to eat and share your meals, such as the more recently-added ‘explore’ feature.

Burpple’s Android app looks similar to the iPhone version, but after playing with it for a few minutes it’s already clear that this is no quick port of the old app. The Android version has followed all of Google’s guidelines to make the app feel totally right in Android 4.0 (though it supports 2.2 and above), such as using tabs near the top of the screen (pictured below) rather than iOS’s bar at the bottom of the screen. As an added bonus, the Burpple Android app is stripped of all skeumorphic flourishes.

Since the iPhone version launched in May 2012, Burpple has seen 300,000 food moments shared by folks in over 4,000 cities in 140 countries.

Last December, the startup team also got a taste of $500,000 in seed funding.

The new Burpple for Android is now in Google Play. Here are a few more screenshots:

Burpple Android app
Burpple Android app

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