Student’s Cornea Ripped Out After Wearing Cheap Halloween Contact Lenses

A teenager tore off her cornea when she tried to remove a pair of cat’s eyes contact lenses.

Tia Goode, 18, from Merthyr in Wales, was left in agony after the cheap £7 lenses got stuck in her eye after a night out on Halloween.

The psychology student at the University of South Wales, who had dressed up as a leopard for the festivities, was left hospitalised and wearing an eye=patch.

At the end of her night out, she realised she couldn’t remove the lenses from her eyes and woke up a friend to help her.

She eventually removed them but was in so much pain she could not open her eyes.

She told student newspaper The Tab: “I attempted to get the right one out first, which was the bad one.

“I had to wake someone up and it took about forty minutes to get out. My eyes were watering like mad and the right one was still killing.

“I tried to go to sleep but couldn’t because the pain was so bad, so I gave up and went up the hospital.”


Doctors at Prince Charles Hospital told her she was in so much pain because the contacts had ripped her cornea.

“The lens was so dry that it had stuck to my eyeball and ripped the cornea completely out with it,” said Miss Goode.

Luckily, there won’t be any lasting damage to her eye.

She said of the novelty lenses: “I’d recommend not to wear them as they’re super dangerous and I didn’t realise.”

(Pictures: South West News Service)