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Startup Asia Jakarta 2013 hackathon: the winners

Enricko Lukman

While Startup Asia Jakarta 2013 wrapped up last week, the event’s hackathon participants were still busy coding and preparing their four-minute pitches for the final round on Saturday. Around 100 finalists came down to battle in a number of challenges. Here are the winners:

Microsoft Challenge

Microsoft’s challenge is simple: build the best Windows 8 game. The three winners who each get a Windows 8 tablet are:

  • Right or Left, a game whereby you need only to choose which way the levers should be pulled to run the machines, by Yanuar Arifin, Mirza Hikmatyar, Lugas Adhi Prasetyo, and Nisa Puspaningtyas Yudana.
  • Numeron, a math puzzle game by Ahmad Fauzan and Martha Monica.
  • Dice Roller, a 3D rolling dice game by Prisyafandiafif Charifa and Gilbran Imami.

Progress Challenge

The challenge is to create an app from scratch using Progress Rollbase Hosted Cloud. The winners are Deni Lukmanul Hakim, Ginda Sanjaya, and Firman Logama. They made a barcode scanning app whereby users can access product information like the cheapest available price and promos on both mobile and a full website.

The three-man team must be very happy boys now as they snatch a 13-inch Macbook Air from this challenge.

Opera Challenge

Three teams who won this challenge built an extension web app for Opera browser. They are:

  • 1st place: Triped, an app which lets users plan for a backpacking trip together on a specific budget, by Muhar Dwi P., Moniko Putro, and Parlinggoman Hasibuan.
  • 2nd place: Stellarion, this is a space shooter game that sets its difficulty based on the richness of the webpage content. It’s developed by Mohamad Rizky Ramadhan.
  • 3rd place: an app where users can use photo filters and share it on social media. It’s built by Akhi Haruni Nur Rahayu, Rahmawati Nafi’ah, Rais Rahman Ardian, and Sidik Nurcahyo.

SAP Challenge

SAP challenges participants to demonstrate the applicability of SAP HANA on Indonesia-specific social problems or business opportunities. It was a very tight match between team 5 (Bayu Setyawan, Dea Venditama, M. Fahmi Al-Azhar, and Rr. Nefriana) who built a job notification system using Natural Language Programming that can crawl users’ social media posts and match them up with suitable jobs on the Freelancer website, and team 25 (Radita Liem, Iswanto Arif, and Ricky Christie) who built Fitme, a mobile app to find and book doctors and other health related services.

In the end, the winner is Fitme. The team gets a four-day trip to Singapore as well as a chance to work and learn alongside SAP developers there.

Freelancer Challenge

The aforementioned team 5 triumphed in the Freelancer challenge. The company asks the participants to propose their ideas on how to improve the company’s current messaging system between employers and freelancers.

Kii Challenge

This is the most popular challenge in this hackathon, with over 25 teams battling it out for the top prize – $1,000 as well as a trip to Japan! The challenge is to utilize Kii Cloud system to make the most awesome app possible.

Here are the happy fellas:

  • 1st place: Appaja, a navigational iPhone app for users who want to travel in Jakarta using public transportation. It’s developed by Robin Dutheil, Daisy Darmawati, and Mansoor Riaaz.
  • 2nd place: Animatch lets people battle with other users in a turn-by-turn match-three Android game. The makers are Ecky Putradi and Dimas Ciputra.
  • 3rd place: Numeron, this is the second award for the math puzzle game makers, Ahmad Fauzan and Martha Monica (they also won the Microsoft Challenge).

Telkomsel Challenge

Telkomsel challenges the participants to develop an Android app using UStore’s in-app payment system. The winner is LightSurv by Alan Yudhahutama, Muhammad Hasan, and Muhammad Abduh. LightSurv is a monitoring app integrated with a webcam. What’s cool is that the app can detect suspicious movement and notify users via SMS.

Clickatell Challenge

startup asia jakarta hackathon

Clickatell made the hackathon a lot more cheerful with its duck mascot! And the first winners must be very cheerful folks too as they won a Macbook Air. The company challenges participants to integrate their SMS-enabled app with Clickatell’s API.

Here are the winners:

  • 1st place: Sherlog is an Android app where users can store just one password (be it in the form of text, gesture, or voice) and use it to access multiple accounts. Sherlog is created by Nata Chen and Raditya Budi Prakosa.
  • 2nd place: Alan Chang and Vicky Sukarma built a web app to help remind people of their habit building targets every day. Users can get daily reminders in the form of calls or SMS.
  • 3rd place: Omprengan is an Android app to help people hitchhike in Jakarta. The makers are Kenan Rahuel, Michael Setiawan Suhardjono, Wendy, and Wirawan Utomo.

Cyrus Challenge

The challenge is to build a mobile app that fits into these three elements: photo printing, any game that uses QWERTY keyboard, and a productivity app suitable for Indonesia

The winners are:

  • 1st place: Antree, a mobile app to track queue progress and give reminder to users. It’s built by Muhammad Fauzi Masykur, Aji Kisworo Mukti, Muhammad Syafrudin, Akhmad Syafii.
  • 2nd place: Pindai is another barcode scanning app made during the hackathon. Users can find more information from the scanned product like reviews, prices, product comparison, place to buy, product promotions, etc. The app is created by Pasca Susena Handiman and Fat’hah Noor Prawita.
  • 3rd place: A baby name finding app by Jouhan Riffaldy.

BuzzCity Challenge

The two winners are one-man teams that integrate and monetize their products using BuzzCity’s platform. They are Stellarion by Mohamad Rizky Ramadhan (also won the Opera Challenge) and the baby name finding app by Jouhan Riffaldy (also the winner of the Cyrus Challenge).

Intel Challenge

Intel’s challenge is to build the coolest app for one of the following categories: games and graphics, media and video, music and audio, camera and photography, security, and print. The winners are:

  • 1st place: an IQ game by Novian Adi Prasetyo, Beni Purba Wasesa, and Maruf Ramadan.
  • 2 Runners-up: Antree by Muhammad Fauzi Masykur, Aji Kisworo Mukti, Muhammad Syafrudin, Akhmad Syafii (they also won the Cyrus Challenge). Also a mobile educational game to learn English language by Osiany Nurlansa, Damar Purba Pamungkas, and Norkolis Dwi Atmoko.

Nexmo Challenge

The challenge here is to build a mobile or web app using Nexmo’s API. The winners are:

  • Best web app: AudioHyena helps users discover and organize bands and gigs in Southeast Asia. AudioHyena is a product by Adi Arriansyah, Ibrahim Aghytara, Fajrul Akram, and Anton Rifco.
  • Best mobile app: Sherlog by Nata Chen and Raditya Budi Prakosa (they also won the Clickatell Challenge).

Admob Challenge

Two winners emerged on Admob’s challenge to build an app that solves a local problem, while implementing the least intrusive ad monetization inside. They are:

  • 1st place: Triped by Muhar Dwi P., Moniko Putro, and Parlinggoman Hasibuan (they also won the Opera Challenge).
  • 2nd place: Flood system alert app, which aggregates flood gate water level information from a very ugly Jakarta government site and notifies users about the condition based on a certain water level. The app is built by Fariskhi Vidyan and Muhammad Banirahma Syahroni.

Millennial Media Challenge (to be announced)

Millennial Media challenges developers to build the best iOS or Android app using the company’s SDK. The winners will be announced soon.

Shopify Challenge

Teams which built an application on the Shopify platform qualified for this challenge. The two winners are:

  • 1st place: A Shopify app that lets merchants post products sold on Shopify onto other C2C e-commerce sites in Indonesia like TokoBagus, Berniaga, and Kaskus. It is built by Dayan Ramly Ramadhan, Muhammad Thoriq Romadhon, and Rama Bramantara.
  • 2nd place: Terapia is a web app that gives first aid information for health problems. The product is developed by Gregorius Airlangga and Bartolomeus Julianto.

JalanTikus Challenge

JalanTikus wants to find the best Android app in the hackathon. The winners are:

  • 1st place: Pindai by Pasca Susena Handiman and Fat’hah Noor Prawita (they also won the Cyrus Challenge).
  • 2nd place: This app helps users manage personal daily tasks and was created by Harimurti Prasetio, Ripandy Adha, Irfan Afif, and Raditya Arief.
  • 3rd place: Animatch by Ecky Putradi and Dimas Ciputra (they also won the Kii Challenge).

Overall winners

All the teams above were also competing for the title of Startup Asia Jakarta 2013 Hackathon grand champion. We had Tech in Asia’s CTO Lucas Chua, CyberAgent Ventures’ Steven Vanada, and JalanTikus’ founder Weihan Liew as judges. They decided who the winners are based on the quality of the pitch, the product’s market potential, competitive advantage, and relevancy to solving problems in Indonesia.

Besides the shiny winners’ trophies, the champions get a cash prize and a handful of free services from vOffice, Biznet, Softlayer, and HotelsCombined. Here are the winners:

  • 1st place: Appaja by Robin Dutheil, Daisy Darmawati, and Mansoor Riaaz (they are also winners of the Kii Challenge).
  • 2nd place: Pindai by Pasca Susena Handiman and Fat’hah Noor Prawita (they also won the Cyrus and JalanTikus Challenges).
  • 3rd place: LightSurv by Alan Yudhahutama, Muhammad Hasan, and Muhammad Abduh (they also won the Telkomsel Challenge).
  • Special mentions: Sherlog by Nata Chen and Raditya Budi Prakosa as well as AudioHyena by Adi Arriansyah, Ibrahim Aghytara, Fajrul Akram, and Anton Rifco.

Congrats to all winners! We are also thankful to all our sponsors who made this happen, as well as Ciputra GEPI Incubator which hosted the finals venue.

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