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SMRT gets nod to manage retail space at Singapore Sports Hub

Photo from Singapore Sports Council website

It's a vast 41,000 sqm of space.

According to a release, the Singapore Sports Hub has appointed SMRT Alpha to lease and operate 41,000 square metres of commercial retail space at the Singapore Sports Hub.

This new joint venture is a partnership between subsidiaries of SMRT and NTUC FairPrice, formed to play its part in a national initiative to promote Singapore as a sport and lifestyle hub.

The SMRT Alpha-managed Singapore Sports Hub retail mall and waterfront area will feature a variety of indoor and alfresco food and beverage outlets set in a perfect atmosphere for suburban dining. A wide-range of options, including cafes, restaurants, bars, dessert and snack bars, combine to provide variety for all.

For shoppers, the mall will offer a wide range of stores and amenities, including fashion, accessories, banking services, entertainment, beauty spas and enrichment centres from a selection of international and local brands, enhancing its appeal to both young and old.

Tenants will also include a FairPrice Xtra hypermarket at the mall, providing affordable daily essentials and groceries, as well as sportswear and sporting equipment, catering to the needs of the residents and shoppers in the area.

Chief Executive Officer of the Singapore Sports Hub, Mr Philippe Collin Delavaud, is confident that SMRT Alpha will be able to bring their combined expertise and knowledge to the Singapore Sports Hub. “They are the best partners one can ask for. Both SMRT and NTUC FairPrice have a proven track record in reaching out to and bringing the community together.

SMRT will be instrumental in transporting the community to the country’s newest attraction and the combined experience of both SMRT and NTUC FairPrice in the retail space will be invaluable for the Singapore Sports Hub. Together, we aim to create an inspiring, diverse and inclusive experience that encourages people to watch, play and make sports part of their daily lives,” Mr Delavaud concluded.

As part of its transit retail management strategy, SMRT regards this mall operation as an extension to continuously improve and enhance the experience and convenience of its commuters.

SMRT President and CEO, Mr Desmond Kuek, said the company is committed to performing its primary role as a safe and reliable public transport operator. At the same time, it is proud to be involved in promoting a sports and lifestyle destination for the Singapore community.

He said the company has valuable retail experience of its own through the running of retail spaces in the SMRT network.

“Leveraging our transport network and retail management strengths, we are able to offer Sports Hub unique support to enhance its success and vibrancy. With the Circle Line Stadium station at the doorsteps of the Singapore Sports Hub, the public can enjoy convenient, quick and easy travel to this highly iconic venue. The East-West Line’s Kallang station and Circle Line’s Dakota and Mountbatten stations are also nearby, enabling us to bring our transport synergies to the Singapore Sports Hub,” he added.

Both parties are confident of leveraging on each other’s expertise to drive the success of the Singapore Sports Hub commercial mall.

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