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Singapore should be milking benefits from these events

Graph from Market Edge

Especially as it has AsiaPac's 2nd highest property returns.

According to Elysia Tse Head of Real Estate Investment Governance, Strategy & Research for Asia Pacific, Market Edge, the performance of Asia Pacific real estate is expected to remain highly competitive in a global context.

Here's more from Ms Tse:

Although third-quarter growth in China and Singapore disappointed, we believe both economies will recover in 2013. In China, forward-looking indicators have picked up and November’s smooth leadership transition has reassured investors.

Singapore should benefit from the recovery in select Asian countries and the US, which ought to bolster its tourism industry and improve the business outlook. Elsewhere, Hong Kong is ahead of its peers in that its economy hit the recovery trail in the third quarter.

The occupiers market in Singapore has taken a turn for the better after seeing two consecutive quarters of improved vacancy rates. The city-country should see long-term sustainable growth with supportive government policy, a transparent business and legal environment and relatively low cost of occupancy amongst global gateway cities.

All of these are expected to attract multi-national companies to establish regional headquarters in Singapore over the long term. Singapore should also benefit from the recovery in Asia and the pickup of China’s economy. As a result, we favour cyclical opportunities in the office sector and long-term opportunities in the non-discretionary retail sector.

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