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Silver Price Forecast – Silver Markets Break Major Handle

Christopher Lewis

Silver markets have broken above the $18 level during early trading on Friday, which of course is a very bullish sign. At this point I think that the silver markets are going to go looking towards the $19 level beyond that, which is also a major resistance barrier. At this point, we are likely to continue seeing quite a bit of noise in this market, as silver is volatile under the best of circumstances. If we can break above the $19 level, then it opens up a move to the $20 level. The silver markets do tend to move in one dollar increments, so this makes perfect sense.

SILVER Video 01.06.20

At this point, the $18 level should step in and start to offer support on pullbacks, and most certainly the $17 level will. Keep in mind that silver is an industrial metal, so although it is bullish it also has that working against it. Gold is still the purest play when it comes to fear and is most certainly outperforming silver. Regardless, you cannot sell this market, and if you are looking at the industrial demand as something that will be picking up, then silver makes quite a bit of sense.

It is bullish regardless, and if we can break above the $19 level, we should see a significant surge higher. Obviously, the $20 level is extraordinarily important from a psychological standpoint, so that will probably come into play as well. With this, the market is likely to see a lot of volatility, but I look at pullbacks as an opportunity to pick up silver with value.

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