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SEO Agency Stridec Recommends Top 3 SEO Strategies for B2B Companies in 2022

Businesses need to be strategic about how they go about their SEO so that they can achieve impactful results fast.

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 10 May 2022 - Stridec Worldwide ("Stridec"), named by Clutch as a top SEO Singapore agency for 2021, is helping more B2B brands and companies get found online to generate more traffic, customers and revenue, by recommending the top 3 SEO strategies for 2022.

Against the backdrop of a global economy struggling to recover from 2 years of pandemic and continued challenges caused by the ongoing conflict in Europe, B2B companies definitely have the odds stacked against them with rising operational costs and reduced access to markets and resources.

On the marketing front, B2B companies can't afford to waste unnecessary time and money on "spray and pray" methods that yield little to no prospective interest nor conversion. More and more enterprises are realising this and have started to look increasingly towards search engine optimisation (SEO) as a primary driver of business acquisition moving forward.

However, the practice of search engine optimisation has always been shrouded in myths, half-truths and misconceptions; and it is easy for businesses to get distracted by fancy techniques or "hacks" and spend their energies on activities that don't move the needle on their SEO goals.

To help B2B companies stay focused and work on the key elements that will deliver the most significant impact on their search engine rankings, Stridec recommends the following top 3 strategies:

1. Answer questions directly on key web pages

The primary purpose of a search engine such as Google is to return the most relevant results to a user's query and most B2B queries are questions or problems in need of an answer or solution.

By providing clear and precise answers straight up on their websites, businesses are signalling to search engines that they are better informed, knowledgeable and prepared than the competition to provide answers to what searchers are asking, thereby deserving to be rewarded with a higher ranking and visibility on search results.

The best thing about this strategy is that an overwhelming majority of B2B companies don't do it; preferring to just give minimal and often times abstract sounding marketing fluff text on their websites, and depending on the sales team to do the heavy lifting of acquiring leads.

So any business that bothers to do it would be rewarded with an immediate bump in relevance and authority and in the eyes of the search engines and prospective customer audience respectively.

This is an effective quick win that produces results fast and is usually a cornerstone of the overall SEO strategy that Stridec recommends to any business right from the beginning.

Using this strategy, Stridec was able to help a service provider offering corporate training in Singapore get its website picked up by Google and start ranking within days after implementation.


2. Optimise the titles of key pages

The title of a webpage is the most important onpage element as it signals to the search engines what the webpage is about. Its significance in achieving a strong SEO performance cannot be overstated.

However, because it is not displayed directly on the webpages themselves and is barely noticeable on the web browser tab, most companies fail to even realise that they exist, much less go about optimising them for SEO.

It is recommended that the main keyword related to the webpage should be included in the title text, and placed as close to the start of the title as possible. A secondary keyword can be added to the title, but avoid making it sound unnatural, repetitive or suspect of keyword stuffing, a practice frowned upon by Google that can result in a ranking decline.

By this approach, Stridec was able to help a security company gain higher ranking and more search visibility for its cctv camera surveillance system and safe deposit box solutions.

3. Invest in a disciplined link building process

Backlinks, defined as links from other websites pointing back to one's website, have been and continue to be one of the most important factors when it comes to ranking well on Google.

Generally, the more links pointing back to one's website, the likelier the website can rank higher and above the competition on its target keywords.

But not all backlinks are equal, and some can even do more harm than good. Whether the backlink comes from a website in a related or relevant industry, an authoritative and well-regarded site, or a popular and well-trafficked blog, has implications on the effectiveness and extent of pushing SEO ranking.

Link building success requires proper research and planning with a clear and actionable acquisition roadmap, but B2B companies generally lack the expertise and resources to perform link building on their own in a strategic and sustainable manner.

It is recommended that businesses should leave link building activity to the experts and engage proven SEO agencies such as Stridec to take care of the process on their behalf.

This strategy was instrumental in breaking a Singapore forklift rental company into the top rank positions on the first page of Google search results for its target keywords within 3 months and continued to stay at the top.

Play it smart and play it strategically

"There are many factors that influence SEO success, but not all factors create significant impact," explained Mr. Alva Chew, lead SEO consultant at Stridec. "It is important that companies play it smart and focus their energies and resources on the select few factors that truly make a difference to their search visibility so that they can achieve their goals in the most effective and efficient manner possible".

About Stridec Worldwide

Stridec is a digital marketing agency that specialises in SEO and Ecommerce solutions with a mission to help brands Get Found Online. Using its proprietary "Awesome in B.E.D." framework, Stridec helps businesses acquire more traffic, customers and revenue to stay ahead of the competition and dominate their markets.

Stridec focuses on helping clients build long-term, strategic online assets that deliver sustainable Return on Investment (ROI) for years to come.

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