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RIM Launches its First Singapore BlackBerry Expert Center

vanessa tan

With 56 BlackBerry expert centers already in Indonesia, Research in Motion (NASDAQ:RIMM - News) has announced today that it has added Singapore to its growing list. The opening of the BlackBerry expert center is a first in Singapore, and it will be strategically located at The Cathay on Handy Road. With the new center, it promises dedicated after-sales services for BlackBerry owners, and onsite repairs so customers won’t need a replacement handset. It will also have a range of BlackBerry accessories available for purchase. Charles Dufourcq (pictured right), the country director for RIM Singapore, says that customer service is a vital component of RIM’s brand, and that the company has invested significant amount of resources in this area:

[It] makes complete sense for us to ensure that all BlackBerry users have access to excellent after-sales support [here in Singapore]. The BlackBerry brand is hugely important as we believe it represents not only our products but also our customers and our commitment to them.

For BlackBerry users based in Singapore who are keen to visit, the expert center is located on the fourth level of The Cathay, and operates daily from 11:00am to 8:00pm.