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A Ranking of China's Most Leet Universities (No, That's Not a Typo)


Chinese high school students are probably all familiar with the academic power rankings of the country's universities; everybody wants to get into a top ten school like Peking University or Tsinghua. But serious gamers might also want to consider another set of university rankings: China's top universities in terms of competitive DOTA playing. The wonderful China gaming blog Youxi Story points out this QQ Games story from the weekend, which has rankings of the most leet, ahem, elite universities when it comes to defending ancients: Translated chart via The rankings are apparently calculated based on the scores of individual students, and I suspect it's not an extremely precise system, but even so, it's interesting that some of China's most elite academic schools are also the best schools at DOTA. I guess when you work hard, you play hard too! It's also worth noting that Wuhan has two schools in the top six (though having once visited Wuhan, I can't say I'm surprised students there prefer to stay indoors playing computer games). (QQ Games via Youxi Story)
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