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How quantum computing can help to shape the health sciences landscape

Jeffrey Tan

SINGAPORE (May 24): Tommaso Demarie, co-founder and CEO of Entropica Labs, says says quantum computing is at a turning point.

Entropica Labs aims to develop software to solve complex problems in the field of molecular biology using quantum computing: a technology once considered as bordering on science fiction.

This would provide doctors with a better understanding of human physiology, allowing them to better diagnose and treat their patients.

Compared with conventional or classical computing, quantum computing solves complex problems more efficiently and quickly, as it is based on the laws of quantum physics and processes information differently from classical computing, says Demarie.

He adds that Entropica Labs aims to solve complex problems in drug discovery because of its huge potential impact compared with other fields.

“One of the problems of drug development is that many of the drugs don’t make it past regulatory approval. If you can improve the process at the very beginning by having a more solid R&D path, the [likelihood of] success improves,” he points out.

Entropica Labs plans to sell the data produced by its quantum computing software to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. 

It is in the midst of developing several prototypes of its quantum computing software, which are slated for launch over the coming six months.

While the company does not develop the hardware for quantum computing, it outsources that to its partners — Microsoft and International Business Machines. Entropica Labs is also collaborating with Rigetti Computing, a California-based manufacturer of quantum integrated circuits, and Qilimanjaro, a Barcelona-based quantum hardware manufacturer.

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